Secret lovers ;) <3

My name is mimi just starting my days as a young adult and before I know it my life changes with twist and turns, love and romance, betrayal and heartbrake. While reading this story you will find that you eill have 2nd thoughts of the story, especailly toward the middle. My story begins with me and my 2 best friends Cheyenne sometimes referred to as chey and my friend katiana aka kat.


9. Thank you~AN

I just wanted to say thank you to all my viewers and thank you for anyone who favorited you guys make it so much better and easier for me knowing there are people out there spending time to read my movella. I greatly appreciate everything so THANK YOU GUYS FOR ALL YOU SOUPPORT!!!! I just wanted to say this whole movella is freestyles meaning I come up with the chapters myself without a rough draft which then get proof read by my girls CHEYENNE and KAT thank you I love yall cx. I appreciate the time you took to read this and don't forget to check out my new movella LOVE ME NOT hope you enjoy it :) and enjoy this movella ~ yours truly Mimi

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