Secret lovers ;) <3

My name is mimi just starting my days as a young adult and before I know it my life changes with twist and turns, love and romance, betrayal and heartbrake. While reading this story you will find that you eill have 2nd thoughts of the story, especailly toward the middle. My story begins with me and my 2 best friends Cheyenne sometimes referred to as chey and my friend katiana aka kat.


6. Secrets revealed

Cheyenne's P.O.V

I regretted yelling at Niall especially yelling out Louis'  name because I have a huge crush on him. Maybe Niall didn't even care but I had a gut feeling that he knew and he knew something that he would end up finding somehow some way. I knew who he was going to.......KAT but I had to go before he had the chance so that's what I did I ran up to Kat she was in the garden patio in the front yard. I went to sit down next to her to talk nonchalantly at first then i felt all the adrenaline running through my veins so it just came out and said it I put it like this: I LIKE LOUIS!!!!!!!! You would've seen the look on her face because I would've thought her jaw would drop down any lower and brake. Then I came out with a secret no one knew not even my true best friend Mimi knew: I ALSO LIKE NIALL TOO.!!!!!!!!! I must slapped my face so hard when I took my hand away from my face there was a mark. To make things worse Kat was just there looking at me in surprise. (that was a good enough distraction I think) I wonder what she was thinking I wonder if she was mad at me there was silence for a while so I got up but as I got up I felt Kat's hand grab my arm....... 

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