Secret lovers ;) <3

My name is mimi just starting my days as a young adult and before I know it my life changes with twist and turns, love and romance, betrayal and heartbrake. While reading this story you will find that you eill have 2nd thoughts of the story, especailly toward the middle. My story begins with me and my 2 best friends Cheyenne sometimes referred to as chey and my friend katiana aka kat.


2. Party preparations

Mimi's P.o.v

As me and chey were at the table we were thinking of everything we would do when Kat came she was our best friend/sister so we wanted to make everything specail just for her. We decided on inviting our close friends Zyan, Harry, Niall, Louis, and Liam we knew Kat would be happy to see them so with that chey left the table and she called our friends. When she came back she told me that they would be there by 3pm (it was like 10:30am) I said that's would be perfect because we were going to the store to get all the food. We finished planning when we decided to call Kat and see if she would like anything specail to make her feel at home  not mentioning the party of course. After that me and Cheyenne left to go to target o get all the paper for her 'WELCOME HOME' banner and we then got the rest of the party stuff at party city because everything was on sale. Plus it turned out cheaper. We got all Kat's favorite food at diffrent specialty stores after that we were done. When me and Cheyenne got home  we sat down on the couch and listened to music and our favorite song came on kiss you by one direction. We herd a knock on door because by the time we got home it was like 2:30pm and we were home For like half an hour. Our friends came in and we start thinking about how much we need to catch up with Kat when Kat arrived that's when the PARTY STARTED.

AN: sorry about the first shitty chapter I'm new at this so I need some getting used to it and thank you for hanging in there with me I appreciate it trust me it will get better. Dint forget to tell me what you think by commenting your comments are always helpful to make the story better thanks~ mimi

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