Secret lovers ;) <3

My name is mimi just starting my days as a young adult and before I know it my life changes with twist and turns, love and romance, betrayal and heartbrake. While reading this story you will find that you eill have 2nd thoughts of the story, especailly toward the middle. My story begins with me and my 2 best friends Cheyenne sometimes referred to as chey and my friend katiana aka kat.


10. Mystery gift

S Kat's P.O.V After a while we ended opening up the box but to pur surprise it was empty. We were all puzzled by it but I knew exactly what to do with it..... We're all friends right then why not use it as a friendship box. We could all put something in the box that reminds us of each other like me right away I put in our friendship bracelet wewe all had at least 2. Then niall put in a picture of all of us in front of nandos eating nachos supremes. After nial went liam he put in a poster of our trip to Atlantis. Hazza was next he put in a music box Mimi and everyone kept close to our hearts since we were kids. Louis put in his favorite comb that was given to him at his birthday last year. Zayn went last he put in the biggest thing of all (metaphoricly) he put in a best friends forever charm which ment the world to all of us. Now for the girls (Mimi and Cheyenne) they didn't really know what to put in so they went to look for stuff *note: all of this is coming from Mimi's house* afer like 10-15 min later the girls came back with a little novelty in each hand . Mimi brought her best friend bear and Cheyenne brought a music box whic was thr first one where it had played the bits music. After we all closed yhe box we went outside and barried it.....
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