Secret lovers ;) <3

My name is mimi just starting my days as a young adult and before I know it my life changes with twist and turns, love and romance, betrayal and heartbrake. While reading this story you will find that you eill have 2nd thoughts of the story, especailly toward the middle. My story begins with me and my 2 best friends Cheyenne sometimes referred to as chey and my friend katiana aka kat.


8. After the party

Mimi's P.O.V

After the party ended it took our guest about an hour to leave so now it was only the guys, Kat, Cheyenne, and me left. We were picking up all the trash from a very successful party when Zayn and I found an unopened present on the floor by the sliding door leading to the pool. (Mimi and Zayn are closer then the rest of them because they've known each other since they were little kids) They head off twits the box, the box looked diffrent then the others it was a big purple box with a big blue bow on it. We were really surprised we didn't see it earlier. Me and Zayn were going to say something but then we decided to wait till we were done cleaning. After Zayn was done cleaning he came to help me I was with Harry and Liam in the kitchen just finishing putting the dishes away. He pulled me aside so we could talk we talked about the mysterious present that seemed to just pop up out of no where. Once we saw everyone was done we all sat done in a somewhat circle: Harry and Kat sit next to each other Niall, Louis, and Cheyenne in in between them and Liam sitting next to me and Zayn the present in the middle all of us just staring at it in silence. What could be in it? Would it be something bad or something that would bring happiness? Should we be scared? Should we even be worried about it? All these questions and more as we were looking each other in a very courious way.

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