Forever and always ( teacher and student )

Well I've been reading lots of fan fictions and well I wanna make one !

What happens when you have 5 new sexy teachers in your school well for these five girls everything is possible love , age , jealously


13. two weeks later

Two weeks later

“ Katie’s pov “

 It’s been two horrible weeks in Mr. Payne’s p. e class i tried so much to switch classes but the studied counselor didn’t want to Mrs. smalls said that I’m doing fine in each class. Whenever I pass him or even take a glance at him I catch him staring at me  I mean I still have strong feelings for Liam it’s just I can’t .. I just can’t take someone else’s boyfriend away from them trust me I have experience

two years ago”

“ you know Katie I love you so much its like whenever I see you i just… cant help to smile like as if a newborn baby was born and takes its first glance at his mother  “ David slowly told me while he had a finger wrapped around my hair . I knew he was lying me and David are going behind my best friends back Emily me and her had been best friends since kinder its just that at a party me and david meet he was drunk. And strangely ended up on Emily bed making out I was wasted even ,more than David I was going through a tough breakup i remember thinking “ you cant do this your such a slut your going behind your best friends best you slut! “ but the alcohol running through my veins said different …. I will always regret doing this

“ present

I and jakelyn were in math when I Mr. styles calls my name I jump up from my seat next to jakelyn she gives me the worried look “Katie”. “I’m coming “ I tripped on the way to his desk studied Carlos if Mr. styles wasn’t listening I would have cussed him out I reach his desk with fear I have never been in trouble before “ Katie I need you to go to the gym apparently its an emergency “ what I cant go !!” knowing Liam  wanted to talk to me “ Katie would you like me to get the principal !” I sighed and started walking towards my desk to get my stuff. Carols tripped me again I just cant handle this “ Carlos you fucken idiot stop!!  “  I cant believe I just said that I quickly grab my stuff and run out the door before my styles can say anything I sigh know I’m going to maybe get a detention . making my way to the gym I cant help to notice a huge bathroom I haven’t noticed I walk in and its huge “ wow “ I take a look at the bathroom the mirror is huge that’s when I think about it I had make up and a pair of booty shorts to go with my crop top a wide smirk grew on my face I’m going to make Liam want me even more I get out of the bathroom and start making my way towards my locker I grab my stuff and go to the huge bathroom  I just change right in the open no ones going to see me I’m fully changed well not really almost a inch is showing from my belly I think I should do a smoky eye and maybe pink lip gloss good thing I curled my hair to perfection this morning having everything done I take a check in the mirror and I’m perfect everything’s perfect  . I slowly walked out and making sure you could see my belly and my boobs were in good place today . finally I walk in the gym I see Mr. Payne siting there on top of the bleachers looking at his hand I don’t think he heard me come in he mumbles something I can’t catch it “ I’m sorry Katie I think I love you” WHAT that’s what he said I reach the top and I just stand there “ then why did you tell me you loved me even though you have a girlfriend trust me it’s not fun seeing people in pain because you took the person you love the most away from them “ I can slowly feel the tears making their way out of my eyes but I have to be strong “ Katie “ I sighed “ what do you want Payne “ he looked hurt “ I wanted to talk to you “ I sigh “ fine you have two minutes “ he just nodded and started to talk really fast “ katieiwantyoubackcanwestartover” trust me I want him to just jump to the part were I kiss him “Katie? Do you accept “ I just stood there I raised my hand he flinched I put my hand around his neck and started kissing him we just sat there him holding my tiny waist “ does this mean you can be mine? “ he asked i didn’t nod “ Liam the only reason I did that I because I wanted to see how your lips taste like we can start over  “ his jaw drooped “ girls are confusing” I know I am one but Liam I have to gain your trust “ he again nodded the bell rang it scared me Liam on the other hand took a full look at me “ Katie how do you think I’m going to go to class now “ he asked “ why what happened “ I took a look down there and he got an erection hahaha that will be the high light of my day “ liam take a good look this can be yours “ he looked again “ I really need your trust now !!”

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