Forever and always ( teacher and student )

Well I've been reading lots of fan fictions and well I wanna make one !

What happens when you have 5 new sexy teachers in your school well for these five girls everything is possible love , age , jealously


7. The kiss


We just kissed mr tomlinsion just kissed me 

i pushed him off and we just kept staring at each other did he felt what I felt like a thosand fire works on my spine like a million butterflies flying in my stomuch good thing only Elaha saw he got off of the floor and he sightly spoke to the class " class you can go no I have duty after school and Hanna can I speak to you it's important " I just looked at him like if he was crazy I just kissed him a teacher this can be illegal !! " no " I just mumbled " we'll then I really need to speak to you so everyone else but Hanna can go now so go " he spoke  

ugh does he not notice this can be illegal is he crazy I have nothing to talk to him about he is just my teacher nothing else 

everyone left he classroom leaving me alone in the class room with him " Hanna I understand what we did but I looked at your birth date and you are already eight teen do if you think this is illegal it is slightly not majorly but I want you to know even if it was a accident I still felt some thing can you please tell me you did to and my proper name is Louis so you can call me that " he said to me , did I fell some thing most important he did he felt what I felt maybe this is corny but he felt the butterflies and sure it was not that illegal so maybe just maybe we can do this but no one can know ever just us only is , I was thinking about this problem for what seemed about forever he spoke louis spoke " Hanna " he asked me " ijustcantthismaynotbeillegalbutstilllifeltsomethinglilebutterflies" he cut me off and just kissed me again it was so hot , the kiss is hit and peaceful I never let anyone kiss me like this before 

we hit the desk and we just kept kissing roughly but caring we choked for air we just looked at each others eyes and kept kissing and he groped my ass and i let out a tiny scream we were having lots of fun ,   until someone knocked on the door we just kept quiet and they did really want to get in the classroom they pulled out there keys and we ran to the classroom closet and there she was miss.hilton she is the she devil agh she squeaky and annoying voice spoke " umm louis can I do u a favor a really dirty favor " that she devil was she going to Suck his dick or something !!!  She left really sad that she wasn't going to get dick ! Wow just wow ! " I have to go now " I spoke angrily making sure I sounded angry " why is it because if miss Hilton " he asked no shit !! " no I just have to go now I can't stay here " I said to him he opened the door I didn't notice we maked out for a hour " do you want me to drive you home it's going to be late when you get home and it looks Like its going to rain " he asked with worried eye No I am not going in the car with him " no I can walk it not far " I told him a continued walking home my house was far away mane a fourth minute walk and it is already pouring I was maybe half way home and a black range river pulled over was he going to rape me I can't see him I just can't go over with this again not since the last time it happened.....


i had to make this dirty 


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