Forever and always ( teacher and student )

Well I've been reading lots of fan fictions and well I wanna make one !

What happens when you have 5 new sexy teachers in your school well for these five girls everything is possible love , age , jealously


3. Taking to mr Horan ;)

Fiahnas POV



   I already don't like mr Horan he gave me a detention come  one I just talked a bit or yelled ;) "Fiahna it's the first day how come  you already are on my bad side " mr Horan yelled to me gosh temper dude. 

" it's not my fault I don't like you " I told mr Horan "double detention " he told me "but...but I just don't like you ! " I screamed to mr Horan

"triple detention do you wanna times that ? " he asked me like if it was a question " no " I answered him " ok class pack up and go early to your class and Fiahna I need to talk to you " mr Horan spoke up and told every one " fine thanks me Horan ! I can go make out with my girlfriend " Nelson our school jock told mr Horan " ok have fun " he mumbled to him self  everyone cleared the room even my friends wow how nice ! " Fiahna how come you are taking back to me during class you already got three detentions

what else do you want " he told me with sarcasm wow " we'll I can't be quiet you can tell any one even ask Katie I just can't help that I'm a social person " I told him with sarcasm " we'll when do you want to do the detentions any day or time " he asked me " umm any day you want I don't care " I told him and rolled my eyes he's just so sexy or as you say handsome " um .. How about we start on Friday is that okay with you " mr Horan asked me " umm sure what ever " I sassed back at him " feisty I like them like that " he mumbled to himself 

 he thought I couldn't hear mistake I started giggling " what was that mr Horan ?" I asked him " nothing " he was blushing I want to know his first name so bad I mean it has to be perfect " Erm mr Horan what is your first name " I asked him " niall James Horan you got my full name " he Anwered I walked out and headed for p.e. I looked at my locater and saw I had mr Payne nice name . Just in time I got to the locker rooms and changed

while taking to Jakelyn and Elaha it turns out that our english teacher is British and Muslim and is sexy ok .  We walked out I was talking to Katie who was chewing gum she was a trouble maker wow we got to our numbers and Katie nearly choked on her gum and just was staring some were I turn around and I saw the teacher mother of god . 


Katies pov 


i just felt something go out in my heart I never felt it before I saw him I saw me Payne .



Hi this is a short yet long chapter hope you like it Katie your up for a treat ;););) 




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