Forever and always ( teacher and student )

Well I've been reading lots of fan fictions and well I wanna make one !

What happens when you have 5 new sexy teachers in your school well for these five girls everything is possible love , age , jealously


5. Pranks

  Katie's pov 


"um Erm I was talking about how you should run with us every day it will be fun !" I sounded a bit perky "ok go back to your number and just sit if you want you seem a bit shaken " he told me "ok I do fell a bit ill " I acted as if I wasn't ticked off miss Hilton was taking to him  I walked to my number and waved at Jakelyn and Elaha also fiahna to come sit they don't care that much about pe because they just do this class for fun not for a grade they take an after school sport " I thought you were going to your next class Katie " fiahna asked me " we'll yeah I kinda didn't wanna go " I told them we heard me Payne blow the whistle and told us to go change we were walking in the looker doors and I was already taking off my shirt what there down to see me in a bikini not a big deal we walked out of the locker rooms I just can't stop thinking about Liam god get out get out of my head !!! " ok guys we have mr Malik for next period right " Elaha asked us " yeah well not Jakelyn I think she has asp right now right " I told them " yeah well guys don't see a mother sexy teacher with out me " he yelled from across the gold quad right  we walk down to the English classes are held at  we can see a teacher from her he doesn't look old just a couple years older wow another young teacher must be really smart. I think Elaha hasn't seen him because she is going to pull a big prank at him he doesn't look like the kind to get his hair messy so this is going to be event ful  Elaha already left to do the prank we walk in and take our seats we are always the first row I see Elaha getting ready to do the prank mr Malik is waiting at the door he clapped his hands and walked forward then we see a big fanin font   of his head and messes his hair he get triped by a pencils on the ground then she sat on his desk and a really loud blow horn is on his seat he is red full of anger and yells " who did this !" We look at Elaha and she is just laughing her arse off " detention for  week for two hours after school starting today " he yelled " ok that was so worth it tho ." She just laughed like a cat on steroids finally I was not thinking or mr Payne DAM IT ! 



Haha his hair. ;) 

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