Forever and always ( teacher and student )

Well I've been reading lots of fan fictions and well I wanna make one !

What happens when you have 5 new sexy teachers in your school well for these five girls everything is possible love , age , jealously


4. Mr.payne or

Katie's pov 

did I just see a god or my p.e. teacher I don't know 


"Katie you look like you've seen a ghost are you ok or do you need help ?" Fiahna asked "I'm  ok "I awnsered we sat down at our numbers while mr Payne was taking role call "Katie " he asked for my name "here "  I responded "ok class so everyday I need all of you a mile so you can stay in shape so you have 12 minutes to complete the mile but if you guys so your warm ups right I will run with you ok " he waited for an answer from us " ok " we all said at the same

after warm ups 

"you guys did pretty well so also who is on the cheer and football teams I need to talk to you guys real quick " me and Jakelyn  are on the cheer squad like the captian  but Jakelyn is the

captian and Elaha is in the girls foot ball team "yes mr Payne " we all told him " ok I will need you girls on cheer after school with miss Hilton " agh miss Hilton she's a bicth she thinks just because she's so pretty she call sass talk us well hell naw ! " ok now just go run two laps " mt Payne instructed us me and Jakelyn always run together but Elaha runs so fast she can be in track " so Katie what do you think about mr Payne Isaw the way you look at him you like him " Jakelyns said while wiggling her eye brows " we'll I kinda like him I mean he's like 20 not that old both of us are turning 18 in a month so we can have him but he's mine you got that " I said while pointing my finger at her " I know I already have my eye on mr styles " she said also she blushed " Katie look what the devil brought in " I turned

my head tords mr Payne and mrs Hilton the science teacher and cheer teacher was flirting with mr Payne I swear I'm gunna punch her god 

ne and Jakelyn finished running and we were heading are way towards the locker rooms I just can't stand to she the she devil her self more than I she were while fith period " if you want we can ditch fifth period " Jakelyn told me " ok " I told her " Katie Katie " I heard my name being called so many times I turn around and

I see me Payne I just ignored he ran up to me he had a hold of my wrist " what mr Payne ! " I screamed at him " first of all you can call me Liam and second of all I can't help that notice that you were talking about me while you were running what were you talking about " he asked me " umm Erm


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