Forever and always ( teacher and student )

Well I've been reading lots of fan fictions and well I wanna make one !

What happens when you have 5 new sexy teachers in your school well for these five girls everything is possible love , age , jealously


2. Looks can judge

 Jakelyns POV


 Remmber Jakelyn you have a lovely boyfriend out side waiting for you don't go and ruin this for us   

All of a sudden I hear lots of footsteps out in the hall way then I see teens take over the tiny little classroom everyone starts to talk and you see getting frustrated he just spoke up " hello class from now on I am going to be you math teacher for the rest of the school year my name is mr .styles I would like all of you to take out your note books and write dive things that you learned in math " he spoke I did as I was told I took out my notebook and wrote five simple things I could tell I was the first one done not even fihanna wow I'm smart 

i could fell a pair of eyes on me but I can't put my finger on it I looked and nobody then I sighed and looked up there it was mr.styles he looked away a blushed as if he wasn't staring I felt a vibrate in my shorts and took out my phone it was fihanna 


hey did you see the way mr .styles was looking at you dam he is so hot ;) 


I looked up and she was smirking she would then I looked down and started typing 


course I did and yes he is fucking sexy damn I bet u he has a six pack but how old do you think he is ?;) 

I sent the message proud of myself for not getting caught I looked up to see a pair of green eyes mr.styles "Jakelyn care to tell the class why you were texting and for that you get a detention " he looked kinda mad " and care to read me the messages " he said with a angry glare to me " um I don't think you wanna read them " I told him "two detetions now " he said to me wow really two on the first day that sucks "fine ill read them but can we do it in private " I said kinda shy because the texts were about him "ok but real fast everyone keep working " he said to the class we walked into the hall way and he began to speak "Jakelyn it's the first day and you already got a detetion now what were those texts about " he said to me making eye contact "ok but don't look at me that way " I told him " fihanna told me that you were looking at me funny and that you are really cute then I told her that I caught you looking at me and that you were totally sexy " I said blushing he was blushingto wow did I do that "so you think  I'm sexy " he said blushing he was so close to me I couldn't even breath without getting it in his face I was about to answer but  Instead I felt a pair of pink soft lips being pressed with mine I felt sparks not even with my boyfriend I could fell that we stopped kissing and we walked back inside everyone looked at us as if they seen a ghost "alright everyone pack up and you miss Gomez don't forget your two detentions " he said to me and even winked  the bell rang and me and fihanna ,Katie , Hanna ,and Elaha were walking to music while e were walking the fihanna spoke up "who is the teacher that is going to teach us I think it's mr. Horan isn't he new " I guess we all said at once we walked in to see a pair a blue eyes



fihannas POV



While we were walking to music I couldn't help to notice Jakelyn being all quiet did something happen between jakelyn and mr.styles maybe I don't know we were walking in to music and bam a pair of blue eyes hit all of us "hello girls my name is mr.horan and I'm your music teacher please sit any were you want i don't assign seats unless I have to move all of you ok " he sounded Irish I think "and yes I'm Irish " he finished  we herd foot steps and teens took over the classroom " alright class mr name is mr Horan  yes I am Irish and I would want you not to call me leprechaun or lucky charms and if you do wish to then four detentions ok " ok we all said at ones we all started talking that ended with me yelling across the classroom " miss Swan you get a detention for yelling " he yelled at me bam already a detention ont he first day wow



second chapter  

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