Forever and always ( teacher and student )

Well I've been reading lots of fan fictions and well I wanna make one !

What happens when you have 5 new sexy teachers in your school well for these five girls everything is possible love , age , jealously


11. katie

katie pov 

i waited and waited but jakelyn didn't come to cheer practice did she forget she never forgets it something is going on. 

Soo long story short i was a loner out on the field everyone left because the captain wasn't here i was on the field creating my own dance moves for a music video me and the girls have been putting up with its called " wings " (please no hate i love that video ..mixer )

 " my momma told me not to waste my life she said spread your wings my little butterfly " i sang though the chorus 

" my feet , feet cant touch the ground cause i cant hear a sound  " i sang and sang my solos and belly danced like a pro   

 i was legitly belly dancing  , i was hip rolling going along with the beat with every single note i had a different move i was already sweating from so much motion i didn't care i was in the out an open i just expressed my feeling about everything going on , the girls and i trying to form a band and audition for the x factor , my feelings towards liam , and of course school i had to have the best grades there is to go to collage and to be able to be in the band because my parents are so strict so yeah i have to be perfect for every one , i was the perfect child in my family , and last but not least my ex boyfriend chase i dont really wanna talk about him 

i was in pink Victoria secret  sweat pants and a high cut belly showing shirt what always have to look good even to just talk about cheer try outs for the freshman .   I ended my dance proud of my self i had only made carless mistakes little ones not big ones i just took a rest and just sat on the field , thats when i heard  clapping i was startled but i turned around to  see liam  i got up  and i walked up to him  we just looked each other until he broke the silence and started taking  " Katie i like your dance moves "

i was suprised he liked them  " hi liam why are you here " i asked him " katie this is my field " he said while chuckling and with a manly voice this made me laugh  " yeah its jakelyns field on game days have you seen her moves damm " i stated " yes katie i saw a video of your cheer leading skills care to show me " he asked i nodded and got in the middle of the field and started with a cartwheel and lots of my impressive tricks " okay i heard your voice can you please sing for me " i was shy about what he had asked me but i nodded and sang wings

" flyyyy" i ended the chours and he looked suprised by my voice " katie that was so beautiful you are so talented do you consider a singing career  " he asked  i nodded " really ? "

" yeah me and the girls are in a band " i stated with a serious face some people laugh they think we cant make it " even though some people say we cant get a chance its a million in one " i let out a sigh

  " now belly dance " he  asked trying to change the subject  i nodded and did my dance for " hips don't lie " by shakira   i tryed my  hardest to not fail and to do the most suduceful dance i can make my body move

he seemed he embaressed by somethink he was wearing sweat pants and i looked and saw a bump did he get a boner by me danceing " katie wanna go to the park " he asked 


* at the park *


" katie i like you alot " he just let the sentence flow out like if it wasn't hard , i choked yet again with ice cream me and liam got at " golden spoon" did he just say that he liked me  i just sat there without saying a word he let out a sigh and just got up and started walking away from the bench we sat at . he started to yell out curse words people looked but he didnt seem to care

 i tried so hard to move but i couldnt when finally the will power came out of me and ran to where liam was standing next to the pond . i tapped his shoulder he looked back " katie im so sorry i shouldnt have just told you th-" i cut him off of what he was saying and just kissed him he seemed startled at first but he caught on and started kissing me. 

i felt butterflies in my stomach i never had a good kiss but this kiss was hot and so cute i loved his lips on mine they fit like a puzzle piece just perfect .. " so what does this mean ? " i asked him i just didnt know but i did know i want to kiss him again we sat there in silence not the awkward silence but the good kind of silence 

i caught him staring at me i looked down i felt blood go to my cheeks we still sat there with silence until he broke it " katie i like you alot but i have a girl friend "


----------------------------------------------------                  authors note             -------------------------------------------------------------


sorry but my parents are so annoying i cant update that much any more but ill try byee .. and sorry also because i had a draft for this chapter and i uploaded and i wasn't done so here it is

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