Forever and always ( teacher and student )

Well I've been reading lots of fan fictions and well I wanna make one !

What happens when you have 5 new sexy teachers in your school well for these five girls everything is possible love , age , jealously


12. katie part 2

Katies  pov

" i have a girl friend "

Did he just say he has a girl friend !!!!

i just stood there in shock what did i just hear i stood there in tears " Katie i didn't think it would matter " Liam spoke " what do you think you didn't think  it would matter !! do not talk to me ever not in class not ever YOU GOT IT !!! " i yelled " Katie don't yell  " he put this hand on my shoulder i shrugged it off and ran i saw Liam running after me good thing i was in track in middle school i ran and ran until Liam wasn't in sight i started to walked into this shopping center not a mall but a small place with cloths i walked into this store called top shop and looked for new clothes

i was in the juniors section and met this girl that was tall tan with brown wavy hair " are you okay um .." she asked " Katie " i answered her question " no i just found out that the guy i like is a total douche bag he told me he liked me then he said he had a girl friend um ? " i asked her for her name " Danielle " she answered " well i am so sorry for you but good thing my boyfriend isn't like that i would have broken up with him a long time ago "

" do you need help to pick out an outfit to regret he messed with you " she asked " sure " we ended up with light orange shorts and a floral top that was to die for " well my boyfriend i coming here in a minute he said he was looking for someone do you want us to give you a ride ? " she asked " sure why not "

" here he is " Liam i saw Liam i just ran out of the store with Danielle yelling at me  " Katie don't you want us to give you a ride "

No of course not it was dark out already i ran and ran for my life not even checking for cars  when i saw a flash of light

that's when i blacked out

Liams  pov

when i told Katie i had a girl friend she didn't say any thing just to yell at me i honestly didn't think she would over react then she decided to run from me i ran for her i think i love her i cant lose her but then i have Danielle  i love her too but when i kiss Katie i fell sparks nobody but Katie can give me not even danielle

damn this girl can run better than me i lost her in sight but im not going to give up i will look for her what

i searched for about thirty minutes until i got a text from Danielle to pick her up in top shop i sighed knowing Katie can get harmed if it gets dark look what she was wearing a crop top i cant leave her here looking hot for these street pervs

i walked in to top-shop to see Danielle taking to a girl with  her back at me she was wearing similar cloths like Katie she turned around and she was i shock again he just lest ran for her life Danielle was yelling at here that we were gonna give her a ride i ran after Katie i gave my keys to Danielle and told her to go to my house and rest i ran for Katie and i heard a siren of a car that's when i saw Katie she just got hit my a car !!

she layed there life less the person that got out of the car wanted to help but i rejected " sir can i help " she said pleading "no! you already done enough " i yelled i grabbed my phone and dialed 911 i sat there crying because of the life less Katie laying there  in my arms knowing that if i didn't tell her i had a girl friend she wouldn't be her in the first place the ambulance came and took Katie i couldn't even go they said to go to the hospital i did what i was told and went to the hospital but they didn't let me in

" sir please go home we will call you when you can see here " the nurse lady said to me
I went home walking not even taking the bus i needed to get things out of my mind

im going to break up with Danielle ..


at flat


i knocked on the door to see a concerned Danielle " Liam where were you its almost 1am !! " she yelled she kept yelling at me on how i like Katie and how i must have had a thing for her she kept taking " im breaking up with you " i stated he just stopped talking and just left like that with tears in her eyes

i feel like crap all the people i love are slowly drifting away ...


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