Forever and always ( teacher and student )

Well I've been reading lots of fan fictions and well I wanna make one !

What happens when you have 5 new sexy teachers in your school well for these five girls everything is possible love , age , jealously


1. First day if school ahh!..



I wake up with the sound of alarm clock ringing Justin bieber  "don't judge me I love him well let's keep going "its the first day if school I know every one hates this day for every year until your a senior lucky for me I am with my best friends Hanna Katie Elaha and Fianna I love them to pieces  well .  Why am I talking to myself again wow well I got dressed in a high waist shorts and a floral top that's dress code well guess what YOLO  

I take out my vans and put my makeup on then on to hair should I curl it or straiten it lets curl it i love my hair I have the same exact hair as Selena Gomez when she had purple high lights I love it  !!

Off to school " bye mommy and daddy ! " I scream to my parents love them to death i head my Minnie copper and unlock it " now to pick up Katie " I mumble to myself  I got to Katie's house and honked she came out running "hi " I said to her with a smile on my face "hey did you hear about the five sexy British teachers at our school" she said with a smile

" get out there probably rumors not even true I mean last time we thought a teacher was sexy turns out he was 40  and plus nobody can tear me and Justin apart " I exclaimed to her

" now off to Fiannas house I see her waiting with a studied book in her hand I think a Harry potter " get in loser were going shopping " I remark the mean girls line " nice one jakelyn trying to be famous " she said with a chuckle " I am watch me " I said with a smile on my face " yes we're finally here no lets go see these sexy teachers " Katie said " watch them be like forty " I said  " hey let's go get our locators " Fianna said " ok but fist can i go see my sexy boyfriend we walked down the halls i see a head off hair i run up and give him a surprise hug and then walked away i know I'm  weird

we finally walked in the gym and there they were " I got math first " me too " next English " I got that too ok we got all the same classes with everyone of our friends I was so happy " hey did you guys know any of the teachers on our locators " no they all coursed at once ok then lets go to math

" come on we're  going to be late " ok" we walked into the math class room no one was there I'm guessing were early we sat down and we heard a British accent run around the hall next to this class room and finally there was a full head if hair with emerald green eyes did I just see god OMG " erm hi girls I guess you found your classroom pretty quickly I was waiting like for another ten minutes for everyone to show up " the misterous sexy math teacher said really slow but yet sexy  I was pretty much drooling but remember you have a boy friend. 




Hi this is a teacher and student fanfic can't wait for you guys to read 

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