Forever and always ( teacher and student )

Well I've been reading lots of fan fictions and well I wanna make one !

What happens when you have 5 new sexy teachers in your school well for these five girls everything is possible love , age , jealously


10. fiahnas detention

 fiahnas pov

while walking out side i suddenly remembered  that i have detention with hi im not going , wait i am just to piss him off that i came late hahahahaha my plan is going to piss the hell out of him 


mr horans classroom 

 while walk ing outside of his class room i hear him silently crying and having a convo by himself " why cant you ever get a pretty girl niall why your a loser " i hear him sop aw my insides hurt did i do that i knocked but he just sat there his face in his hands i ran inside and dropped my book bag in the classroom and walked up to him and hugged him " niall don't cry i like you alot but you yell at to much " i herd him laugh hah made him give a an Irish laugh lov it !! 

" im sorry you have to see me like this fiahna " he told me " no dont fell sorry i like you alot and look " i looked at his red puffy eyes he was crying has he been rejected " niall i like you alot and if you think im pretty you are blind as a fucking bat " i told him " fiahna you are beautiful in every guys eyes " he told me he went back in his nest and just didn't say anything " niall if i didn't  like you i wouldn't do this " i grabbed his face and just pulled his pink lucios lips to my pink lips he seemed shy at first but he didn't take long to react he kissed and kissed without taking long breaths we kissed for what seemed nothing it was a good hour wow !! 

" fiahna i like you alot will you be my secret princess " he asked my shyly " yes niall " i got up and put my arms around his neck " babe can we go come " i asked dammit did i just call him babe omg fml -.- " yes babe " wow he didnt react bad thank god " min or yours " he asked " yours my parents will maybe be looking for me but ill textg my mom" i told him "  

" OK ' we walked out side and got into his range rover we were going along a scary road " babe in scared " 

" princess its OK " we got to his tiny yet cozy flat he opened my door what a gentle man he lived really close to my flat so i can sneak over  hear whenever i want 

he opened the door and i just took the liberty a looked around a saw lots of picture with the rest of the young male teachers but one caught my eye it was him and a girl kissing him on his lap i felt jealousy go though my veins  

 she was so pretty and i wasnt i compared everything with her my boobs ass and face she was that model everyone wants to be why cant i look like he i felt two strong arms around my tiny waist i was silently crying niall saw i was crying " princess why are you crying " he asked  i took a look at the picture  he looked over any said " you are perfect " he said while wiping the tears away i hugged him and we cuddled together the rest of the day 




authours note 

you guys my stupid brother deleted my chapter and then my computer turned off so it could have been better 

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