Forever and always ( teacher and student )

Well I've been reading lots of fan fictions and well I wanna make one !

What happens when you have 5 new sexy teachers in your school well for these five girls everything is possible love , age , jealously


6. Elaha a badass

  Elaha pov


 I already got detention It was so worth it tho wow you should have seen his face not to mention his hair he isn't even bad looking he is actually what you call hot  " ok class you may pack up and leave ad you Elaha I need to talk " mr Malik told the class " ok as if " I chuckled at him the bell ran I was walking out the door and something tugged mr wrist " no you are not leaving why did you do this to me did you think it was funny " he asked me "we'll- " he cut me off " it wasn't I was so scared I probably could have haven birth and it would be scary " he chuckled " ok so did you like the prank of not " I asked him " yeah it was a great way to start off " he told me " I didn't have anything planned out today so you kinda saved me and you don't get detention " mr Malik told me " umm mr Malik " I waited for him to turn around " yes and you can call me Zayn iDont like when some one that is funny calls me by my name " he said " ok Zayn can I have the detention I don't wanna be home with my parent to annoying you are cool I would like to hang out " I asked him he was about to answer but I stopped him and walked out like a pro I  going to that detention weather he likes it or not no I have drama with Hanna only I walk in to drama class and see a teenager aroun my age and tell him if we have seats " um do you mind and telling me if we have seats and were us the teacher I heard he's hot " I ask him " I'm your teacher and please sit down were ever you like " he chuckled at me I sat next to Hanna and she said " isn't he hot " he was but just not my type " I guess he is  in a way " I told her " OKAY CLAS TAKE OUT ROMEO AND JULIET " he screamed as a kid "WHY DO YOU HAVE TO FUCKING SCREAM " Hanna yelled at him she has sensible ears " NO AND TOU HAVE. A DETENTION  " he yelled at her "no I'm not going I have better stuff to do do NO N O can you spell that tomlinsion " she screamed back " you can not sass me that way I am the sass master from Doncaster I am the queen you are the peasant " he said as if he was the queen her self " I can sass you all day long " she yelled at him " you can hear all the ohhs in the class " do you want me to call your father " tomlinsion asked Hanna " dammit I can call her myself " she told him they were sassing each other off they were centimetrs away from each other they could kiss if they wanted to they were quiet and just looked in each others eyes I bumped Hanna and she leaned in and they fell in the ground lip locked 


dunn Dunn Dunn do they kiss or push each others feelings alway 

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