Forever and always ( teacher and student )

Well I've been reading lots of fan fictions and well I wanna make one !

What happens when you have 5 new sexy teachers in your school well for these five girls everything is possible love , age , jealously


15. cat eyes

jakelyns pov

its been two great weeks with harry hes always there for me its kind a clingy but im clingy to we have to keep this relationship a secret until i graduate anyways its been so wonderful with harry he asked me to be his girlfriend on our first date it was cute we were on a bridge and everything .


ugh sitting next to chole is so impossible i see her trying to be a slut in front of harry i hate her !! were doing a assignment harry gave us and we have to work with the partner next to us she kept talking about how harry is so sexy or her remarks  of his tiny ass  blah blah im just thinking to myself hes mine bitch back off my thoughts got cut when  "Mr.styles i need help" her high pitched voice ringed the whole classroom harry first rolls his eyes and slowly gets up " yes chole " he asked " i need help this s so confusing " she asked he sighs " jakelyn can you help her you are the smartest i the class " he makes eye contact with me he just get up and leaves while laughing he knows how much i hate her he inst getting kisses tonight i explain to her the concept and she just stares at me like im a freak " jakelyn do u like Mr .styles ? as in like i see the way you look at him you don't fool anyone " i just couldn't talk i just sat there like a lost puppy " yeah that's what i thought you stay away from him you got it hes mine " this bitch i just wanna scream " BITCH HES MINE ALREADY "  but i cant  and the ringing of the bell starts everyone gets up leaves making so much noise chole was the last one she just stares at me with evil cat eyes   i stay its the last period and harry is my ride home " harry im so tired !!" i nag i got up from my seat and starting walking to him he doeskin even look at me what i got closer and i sat on his desk covering the graded papers hes finished " harry " he  still doesn't listen hes grading  "wanna fuck " his head looks up quickly " i though so !" he just smirked " jakelyn i need to grade this tri's papers " i don't care im tired ill hep u tomorrow please " i ask he nods i smirked i got my way with him like always he walks over and just stares at me like an alien he just looked at me for like 2 minutes  this was creeping me out " earth to styles " he snaps out of what ever he was looking at my face " your just so beautiful you know that " i just smile he calls me beautiful almost everyday my thoughts were cut off when his lips were on mine . his lips so perfect against mine it so perfect but i just cant help that chole like harry i stopped kissing him " jakelyn whats wrong love "  harry looked at me with a worried expression " nothing its just something on my mind ok " he nodded and started kissing me again things got really heated really fast and harry  got a little touchy down south but i stooped him not here not a school sure we have made out so many times  but making love no,  not me we were so cut up in the moment but i have to breath " harry lets finish this at your place " we got up holding hands and we walked out the door

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