But I Love You (A Niall Horan Fanfic)

Niall and Mikayla have been best friends since they were little. They were inseperable.One day Mikayla gets a txt from Niall asking her to meet him at Nando's. He asks Mikayla to go on tour with him and the boys. Will he find out that she is a big time Directioner? Or that she self-harms due to bullies?

~This is my first fanfic. I hope you like it. And I am making this on Wattpad.com aswell. I usually update there first. Hope you like it!


8. Tour Life

"And Niall we are not going to Nandos! The girls are going to choose." Liam said. By this time we were in London. The first stop on the tour. It was amazing. I have never been out of Mullingar before. "They have a McDonalds here right?" Jessie asks. "Yeah, why?" Zayn asks. Me and the girls look at eachother and nod. "EGG MCMUFFINS AND ORANGE JUICE!!!!" we yell together. "Well it looks like you girls taste in food hasnt changed!" Niall churped. "NOPE! Yours hasnt changed eaither there Nialler!" Noah said. Nialler was the nickname she gave him when we were little. She would always call him that and when other Directioners found out they started calling him that. "Ok, leggo!" Miranda said. "McDonalds isnt that far from here. Its just a five minute walk, and since Louis broke the last car that management gave us. We arent getting anymore. So unfortunitally we will have to walk there and back." Liam said and looked at Louis. "Well they wanted me to get there fast!" Louis retorted. We were about halfway there when a group of girls my age seen the boys and went nuts. "Niall I cant run remember!" I got scared. I didnt know were to go to get back to the jet. And I couldnt run. Niall stoped running and came back to me. "Shit! Ok... uhm... Get on my back." I knew he was serious. "OK!" I jumped on and then Niall started running again. When we made it to McDonalds the security guards kept the doors shut when we were eatting. "Ready to run back?" Liam asked. There were a bunch of yeps. "Looks like your gonna get another piggy back." Niall stated. "Are you sure I cant just meet you there Niall? I mean they wont reconize me and the girls." I asked. "You could. But security would just think you girls were just crazed fans and they wouldnt let you in." I looked down. "oh." He looked at me, then the next thing I knew I was on Niall's back flying through the crowd. When we got back to the plane Simon was there waiting for us. "Ok boys, you need to go get ready for the concert." He instructs.There was a chorus of groans and fines. We all went to the rooms and got changed. I took my black skinny jeans and my white tangtop from my suit case. Then I noticed the scars on my arm. Then I put the tangtop back. I took my pink long sleeved shirt and went to the bathroom to change.I lightly curled my hair and I put eyeliner and mascara on. I walked out and Niall rushed in. "I have to get ready to ya know!" He said as he pushed me out of the way. "Yeah but you dont have to injure your little sister." I yelled. I went back to my suit case and I got my lipgloss from my purse. It was my favorite and Niall sent it to me when he was on tour last time. I put it on,grabbed my flute and flute music and walked out. "Mikayla, can you play Little Things a little bit now so I can hear it?" Simon asked me. "Yeah sure." I smiled and took the flute out of its case and put it together. I started to play then Niall came out. "That sounds awesome Kaylie!" Nialler said running and smothering me in a hug. "Losing.......preshous......oxygen!" I said. Niall looked down and let go. "Alrighty then, lets get going!" Simon yelled. Within seconds the boys were in the limo waiting for us. I laughed. "I have never seen them listen like that before. And Niall never listens. Even to his mother!" Simon laughed. "Yeah I have them trained." He said with a wink. "I HEARD THAT MIKAYLA!" Niall yelled at me. "You were meant to Mr. Niall James Horan." I said with a smerk. "The sass masta from Doncasta says than Mikayla is now a Sass Masta from Mullingar!" Louis says with a smerk. Niall pouts and I laugh. Before I knew it the boys were singing Moments at the concert. "Now we would like to bring out a very special friend." Harry says. "Her name is Mikayla." Liam says. "And shes going to play the flute while we sing Little Things." Niall says. I walk out with my flute in my hand and give the boys a hug. I sit down on a stool on the stage and place the music sheet on the stand thats placed infrunt of me. The music started to play and so did I."Your hand fits in mine like its made just for me but bear this in mind it was meant to be and im joining up the dots with the freckles on your cheeks and it all makes sence to me" Zayn sang. Liam went next then the chorus then Louis and Harry. Then chorus again and it was Nialls turn "You'll never love yourself half as much as I love you. You'll never treat yourself right darlin' But I want you to. If I let you know I'm hear for you, maybe you'll love yourself like I, Love you Ohhh" Niall sang. The song ended and the crowd cheered. I walked off stage and the boys closed the concert. Simon said we were going to stay in a hotel room while something on the plane got fixed. After the concert we went to the hotel and I went to a big room with baby blue walls and white furniture. About 10 minutes later Niall came in. "We are all going out to get a pizza, you wanna come?" He asks. "Nahh. Im just going to stay in here for a little bit." I said. "ok. we will be back in half an hour." And with that he shuts the door. There was a computer next to the bed. And there was wifi. So I logged onto my Twitter. Hundreds of new mentions.And 'We hate Kaylie' was trending world wide. I sat there reading the hate mail. Finally, I had enough. I went through my makeup bage and found a blade. I sat on the bed and looked at my arm. I took the blade and sliced my skin. Then Niall came in. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!" he yelles and runs to me. He took the blade from me. "What on earth made you decied to do this to yourself!" he half asks half yells at me. I was sobbing hard. I point to the computer. He walks over, loges me out then shuts off the computer. "Dont read the hate,Mikayla! there just jellous." He says and takes me in for a hug. "You never, ever do that to yourself again!" He says to me.I get up and walk downstairs Niall fallowing me. Noah sees me crying and looks at Niall. "You found out didnt you?" she asks. He nods. "Found what out?" Harry asks. Noah points to her arm then to mine. Harry seams to get it. So do the rest of the boys. Well, thats it. Niall found out. He found out.

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