But I Love You (A Niall Horan Fanfic)

Niall and Mikayla have been best friends since they were little. They were inseperable.One day Mikayla gets a txt from Niall asking her to meet him at Nando's. He asks Mikayla to go on tour with him and the boys. Will he find out that she is a big time Directioner? Or that she self-harms due to bullies?

~This is my first fanfic. I hope you like it. And I am making this on Wattpad.com aswell. I usually update there first. Hope you like it!


3. The Kiss and The Gift

Niall's POV

What am I feeling? I mean with Jessie it is so usuall for her to dare me to kiss Mikayla. But why am I feeling bifferent about it this time? I can't be liking her. We are like brother and sister! I have known Mikayla for years and now is the time I decide to get feelings for her? WTF? The kiss only 10 secconds. (if it was any less Jessie would make us kiss again. Typical) But it felt longer. When it was over, I felt like I wanted more. What was I feeling? More importantly, Why? Ok Niall get a grip! Get your mind off of this and give her the gift you got her! "I got you something." I said as I handed it to her.

Mikayla's POV

I love Niall. But only as a big brother! I have known him practically since I was born. So why was I starting to get feelings for him now? WHY! After the kiss was over I was left wanting more. I never thought I would feel this way! Especially after I fall in love with a guy so fast! I would fall in love and then get my heart broken. So I willed myself not to fall in love with any guy. Niall was my big brother. I could go to him with anything. And I mean ANYTHING. I alowed myself to have crushes on Harry, Liam, Louis and Zayn. But deffinitly not Niall! Get a grip Mikayla. "I got you something." Niall said handing me a little black box. Oh god. I knew he would do this to me. I hate getting gifts and he knew it. But thats just the way Niall is. I can't even go shopping without him looking over my shoulder asking if I want it. And if I say its too much he will just but it. I took the box and opened it. "OMG NIALL!!!" I nearly screamed. He got me the necklace that I always wanted to have. The only thing was that you couldnt get in Mullingar. Or any part of Ireland for that matter. It was an Infinity necklace. "Thank you so much! How did you get this? I mean its not avalible in Ireland!" He chuckled "We were in Paris for one of our shows and I seen it in a little boutique. I remembered that you always wanted one. So as soon as I seen it I bought it." Ok I officially didnt desurve a friend as nice as Niall! HE GOT ME A FREAKING INFINITY NECKLACE! No this cant be happening. Why why why? "Ni ni?" I asked. "Yeah Mikks?" Mikks.. It was the nickname he gave me after I started calling him Ni Ni. " I love you big brother!" I cherped. "Haha I love you too little sister!" he laughs. "Hey do you still play the flute?" "Uh Yeah.....why?" what was he going to do now? "Well.... The boys and I were thinking..."

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