But I Love You (A Niall Horan Fanfic)

Niall and Mikayla have been best friends since they were little. They were inseperable.One day Mikayla gets a txt from Niall asking her to meet him at Nando's. He asks Mikayla to go on tour with him and the boys. Will he find out that she is a big time Directioner? Or that she self-harms due to bullies?

~This is my first fanfic. I hope you like it. And I am making this on Wattpad.com aswell. I usually update there first. Hope you like it!


9. My Secrets

So Niall found out. And he hates me now. Ok so, when I was reading the hate and I did it, well it wasnt the first time. After Niall left people started to tell me he was so sick of living near me, being my friend and called me names. The girls were the only ones that were there for me, they were the only ones that knew. And Noah was the only who knew about what I did. She hated it but I made her swear she wouldnt tell anybody. It hurt hee, but she didnt. "We are going to bed now." The boys said. Me and the girls agreed and said goodnight. "Mikayla.. I need to ask you something." Niall said to me when I got out of the shower in our room. I sat down on the bed and looked at him. He was used to seeing me in just a towel. And it wasnt awkward so I didnt care. "When did you start....uhm.... You know." Niall asked. "In all honesty Niall. After you left. People started picking on me. The girls knew, but Noah was the only one who knew about this. And sje would have told but I made her swear not to tell." I said looking down. He came over and sat beside me, took my arm in his hands and kiss it. "So you resorted to this instead of telling somebody?" He asked. "Niall, Im sorry. Dont be mad." I cried. He hugged me tight and shushed me. "Promise me you wont do this ever again?" He said. "I swear I wont. And Ni Ni?" "Yeah?" "I love you." "I love you too Kaylie."  We stayed up for a few more hours just talking with the boys and girls. They all started getting tired so we all said goodnight and headed to our rooms. It felt so right laying down with Nialls arms around me. I felt safe. But, he hasnt left my side since he watched it happen. But it didnt matter, because I wanted to be with him always.

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