But I Love You (A Niall Horan Fanfic)

Niall and Mikayla have been best friends since they were little. They were inseperable.One day Mikayla gets a txt from Niall asking her to meet him at Nando's. He asks Mikayla to go on tour with him and the boys. Will he find out that she is a big time Directioner? Or that she self-harms due to bullies?

~This is my first fanfic. I hope you like it. And I am making this on Wattpad.com aswell. I usually update there first. Hope you like it!


2. Hes Back!!

I still cant believe Niall is back. I look and watch his every move. He takes my hands in his. "Actually I need to tell you something Mikayla." What? What would he want to tell me? I mean yeah were besties but what could he want to tell me? That he dosent want to be friends with me anymore? That because hes a celebrity now he cant have me as a friend? Ok stop worring Mikayla he prob just wants to ask a totally normal question... I hope. "Well Niall, I have Jessie Noah Miranda and Ashley at my house.. I said i was running out to get some food so we better get back You wanna come too?" I was hoping he would say yes. "Yeah sure I havent seen them in a while." He stated as we walked out of Nandos. "Just worning you they might not be used to knowing you before you were in One Direction.. and yeah there BIG and I mean BIG Directioners.." He looked at me and smiled his cheeky grin. I jumped in his car and in 5 minutes we were at my house. " Ok just wait out here. I will tell them i have a suprise and then you walk in." He nodded. "GIRLS! I have a big suprise for you." "PLEASE BE ONE DIRECTION!" Ashley yelled. I heard Niall snicker outside the door, I stuck my head out the door. "You can come in now." As soon as Niall walked in he was smuthered with hugs from all of the girls. "NIALL!!! Why are you here I thought you were on tour since your in One Direction.. and... OMG UR IN ONE DIRECTION!!! I KNOW NIALL HORAN FROM ONE DIRECTIION!!!!!!!!" Ashley yelled. Ok so lets just say she was the biggest directioner out of us. "Yeah i was Sparckles! But we got a break and i got a plane ticket and came home. Im staying home for about a month.. So i texted Mikayla as soon as I got here." Niall looked at me. Since we were little I have always loved his eyes. I told him that i would traid eyes with him when we were little. But then he said that he wanted his eyes to stay with hiim so i got his dead goldfish.(dont ask why he gave it to me... I still dont know why a 7 year old would want to give another 7 year old a dead goldfish but thats Niall) "IM HUNGERY!!!!" Niall still hasent changed. "You still havent changed Ni Ni" MIranda stated matter-of-factily. "When arre you not hungery Niall. You used to sneak food into class all day!" Jessie Miranda and I were used to knowing Niall Horand of One Direction. (we are still trying to work on getting Ashley used to the idea) I hear a Chere Loyd ringtone, and i instantly looked at Niall. "Hello? Yes Louis I got home fine. No i wont bring you back an Irish carrot what is wrong with you? Ok sorry Louis. Yeah, ok. HI LEYYYUUUMMMM!!! Yes I wont see Toy Story 3 here. I know. Yes daddy direction. YOU CANT GROUND MEH IM IN HIDING!! ok byeh!" Niall out his phone down on my bed. "Who wants to play truth or dare?" Miranda asked. "Oh god you are starting to sound like Louis, Miranda" I dont think Niall was impressed. "ok Mikayla Truth or dare?" Jessie asked me. "Dare. Like always." I never picked truth. lets just say that the last time i did i got ignored from my crush... Not the best time. "I dare you to..... hmmmm.... YES! I dare you to kiss Niall" We were used to this kind of dare with Jessie so Niall leaned in. His lips touched mine. We have done this dare a lot, but this time it was just different. I felt something that I never thought was possible. I dont know how to explain it though.

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