Never Good Enough

Emma was an outsider growing up. She didnt have a lot of friends, and she looked like she lived in a box. She was bullied by all of her classmates day after day. Luckily she had a supportive and loving family back home.... at least thats what she thouht before the accident. All of Emma's hopes for the future vanished with a blink of an eye, due to a drunk driver. Will she be able to overcome her future trials? Will she be able to get over the loss of loved ones? What will happen when her Prince Charming turns out to be her high school bully and tormentor?


3. Why cant it be the same

Vanessa and I use to do everything together. We would rummage through our mothers makeup and give each other makeovers. "What happened to your face" was always my dads reply. We would reply "we wanna be clowns when we grown up." He'd smile then laugh. We'd also run through the sprinkles and claim it rained, and most commonly we'd eat the cookies out of the cookie jar and blame the house ghost. I missed the kind of relationship we use to have. I wondered if she did too.

     Nah, shes got a 'great' life. Shes got the boys, designer clothes, people at her beck and call. I was chopped liver, in her eyes. Why would she need me...I was only holding her back from her relaxing massages. She never had to lift a finger.... it would ruin her newly done nails. Oh...and how could I forget about her musta- "I should stop" I thought to myself "afterall she is my sister, I shouldn't be bashing her."

     I closed the scrapbook and went to put it away when I realized what time it was. "Ahh, its 10:00 o'clock (am). I was suppose to leave for my jog an hour and a half ago!" I unknowingly shouted. I sprinted up the stairs and into my room, slapped on my shoes and quicklied tied them. On my way out of my room I grabbed a hair tie, and wipped around my hair until it was up off my neck.

     I had my hand on the handle of the door when I hear "Emma,wait!" I slowly turned around to see my sister running toward me. "What?" I retorted "I wanna talk to you" Vanessa replied, in all seriousness.

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