Never Good Enough

Emma was an outsider growing up. She didnt have a lot of friends, and she looked like she lived in a box. She was bullied by all of her classmates day after day. Luckily she had a supportive and loving family back home.... at least thats what she thouht before the accident. All of Emma's hopes for the future vanished with a blink of an eye, due to a drunk driver. Will she be able to overcome her future trials? Will she be able to get over the loss of loved ones? What will happen when her Prince Charming turns out to be her high school bully and tormentor?


1. Introduction (Emma)

    Blonde hair, blue eyes like the ocean, full pink lips, straight pearly white teeth...My mom would've been proud to see what I look like now....I thought to myself while looking in the mirror, my eyes starting to water. For once it felt good to look in the mirror and not to see four eyes, a brace face, frizzy hair, and clothes from the dumpster. I was never the pretty girl, the girl with lots of friends, or the girl with a mom and dad. I grew up with my sister, Vanessa. My parents died in a car crash when I was 11 and Vanessa was 13. We had no extended family, so we had nobody to take care of us. We refused to go to an orphanage, our parents were our's and nobody would or could replace them. They were the best and I wish I told them. 

     My sister, Vanessa got everything growing up, she still does. She WAS that popular girl, the pretty girl, the girl everyone wanted to be. She was the girl with all the guys, the girl who got out of everything wih her charm and batt of the eyes. Sometimes, it felt like she forgot she had a sister. She wouldn't help me with my homework because it was date night with Carter, or she was tired, or she was too busy. She wouldn't do sisterly things with me, like do each others nails, or make-up. Besides making me feel like I didnt matter, she would tell me Im the reason for her misfortune and worst of all.....I was responsible for our parents death. I was basicly an only child with a bully 24/7.

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