Never Good Enough

Emma was an outsider growing up. She didnt have a lot of friends, and she looked like she lived in a box. She was bullied by all of her classmates day after day. Luckily she had a supportive and loving family back home.... at least thats what she thouht before the accident. All of Emma's hopes for the future vanished with a blink of an eye, due to a drunk driver. Will she be able to overcome her future trials? Will she be able to get over the loss of loved ones? What will happen when her Prince Charming turns out to be her high school bully and tormentor?


4. Im done with YOU and YOU


"I dont have time for this Venessa!" I glaring replied "Im already behind schedule" Vanessa took a deep breath and calmly replied "please this is important" I starred Vanessa down, hoping she'd get the message to leave me alone! Anytime she'd talk to me about 'something important' it would end up with her asking me to do her homework and make her lunch. I was done being the good sister.... I was done being walked on.....and I was DONE keeping quiet about how I felt! I tried to count to 10. I didnt want to yell in her face but I couldnt keep it in any more. "Look Vanessa, Im NOT doing your homework, im NOT making you lunch, im NOT your maid, Im NOT here to make your life a walk in the park, and YOUR NOT HERE to make my life a living nightmare!" Vanessa licked her lips and replied "are you done?" "NO!" I said continuing my rant. "You've never treated me like your little sister after mom and dad died! I'm tried of you blaming me for what happened! You think your all that but sooner or later your gonna realize that I'M THE ONLY ONE THAT ACTUALLY CARES ABOUT YOU! least... I DID! Now if you want to ask me to help you with something forget it I've helped you enough.....its time for you to help yourself!" Vanessa just looked at me, surprised by what I had said, I was never one to speak my mind. We looked at each other without saying anything. My ears were bursting with steam and I couldnt bear to live in the silence. "I need to cool off" I sternly said opening the door and beginning my jog. 


I pulled my ipod out of my pocket and put my music on shuffle. I need a steady beat to keep my jog in pace. "Everybodys always talking at me everybody's trying get in my head, I wanna listen to my own heart talking maybe I should listen to my self instead" (Zac Efron: bet on it) What a coincidence this song sounds like my life! I thought to myself


 Steam still was ringing within me. "I gotta go find some happiness" I mumbled to myself. Just then I knew exactly where to go. I picked up my pace and made my way to the park. My dad and I would always fly kites at the park, and my mom would push me in the swings. The park had sentimental value and I could always feel them there... It was the perfect place. I didnt want to sit and stay, just going to pass through. 


The park had plenty of trees which created much needed shade. The park was going on 23 years but in great condition. The sidewalks were covered with little kids chalk drawings of what looked like scribbles but im sure was a princess. Suddenly all of my steam had evaporated and I felt the love and joy of the park. "Maybe I will sit and stay." I thought silently to myself...."or maybe not!" I thought to myself contradicting my thought before. The park was beautiful and glorious like always until I caught sight of the next worst thing to live on the planet besides my sister....Harry Styles! 


My high school memories, soon after I saw that creature, flooded back. The torture, name calling, bullying, the worst years of my life because of HIM! "I gotta get going" I thought to myself going back to what I thought before. I picked up feet and began my jog again. As I was leaving I looked all around trying to flood the bad memories of HIM with the good ones of my parents. I saw so many kids running and having a good time, just like I had when I was younger, it brought such a good feeling back to me. As I turned back around to continue my jog home I forgot to look to see if anything was in my way, and surely there was. A little kid. "Oh sweetie... I'm so sorry. Are you okay?" I questioned worried about the little girl. "Yeah I'm okay. Thanks" The little girl replied. I held out my hand to help her up when I noticed a scrab on her leg. I told her to stay put as I reached into pocket for a tissue. "Will you be grossed out if I spit in this?" I asked "no, its yours, why would I care" she replied so happily. I pointed to the scrape and told her I wanted to clean her up. She nodded so I spit in the tissue and gently cleansed the scrape. "Alright there you go sweetie" I said. The little girl, to my suprised, gave me a hug.


"Darcy! Are you okay!?!" A familiar voice called. I know that voice. It cant be! How could this cute little girl be related to him? "Bye sweetie" I whispered, as I continued to try and leave. "Darcy are you okay? " Harry asked his daughter. "Yea that nice lady over there took care of me." Darcy replied. "Excuse me. Hey! Miss...hey you!" Harry shouted. I slowly turned around hoping he was calling for someone else...but i soon realized it was for me. Harry started running towards me and finally reached me. "Thanks for what you did for my little girl." Harry sincerely said. "Anytime shes a real cutie." I replied with my head down hoping he wouldn't recognize me. 


"Em....Em... Emma! Is that you!?!" Harry questioned. 

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