Never Good Enough

Emma was an outsider growing up. She didnt have a lot of friends, and she looked like she lived in a box. She was bullied by all of her classmates day after day. Luckily she had a supportive and loving family back home.... at least thats what she thouht before the accident. All of Emma's hopes for the future vanished with a blink of an eye, due to a drunk driver. Will she be able to overcome her future trials? Will she be able to get over the loss of loved ones? What will happen when her Prince Charming turns out to be her high school bully and tormentor?


5. Gone Speechless

Emma POV:

Great he recognized me. One day I wish a bad day could go uphill instead of catching the fast track down hill. "Oh hey" I replied trying to act like I was ecstatic to see him. "Its so good to see you" He said with his cheeky smile. I nodded in agreement. We just stood looking at each other.... I would've broken the silence but I had nothing to say to him. I didnt fancy him like all the girls at school use to. Through the awkwardness Harry put his hands in his pockets and began rocking back and forth on his feet. "Well I really gotta get going" I lied. Harry stood still so I took it as an okay. When I turned around to leave Harry grabbed my arm..."Emma" He said, his voice shaking. 


Harry's POV:

I cant believe I was right, I hadn't seen her in forever, I thought after High School everyone would've left. Guess not. When she looked up, we made eye contact, I couldnt believe her transformation! In high school she really didnt have any taste but look at her now! Shes gotten a decent haircut, got some clothes that fit her right, no more glasses, and straight teeth. Wow she could be a model. Realizing how amazing she looked, I felt bad for all the teasing I had done to her in our younger years. 


She said "oh hey" as we were looking at each other. I replied with "its good to see you" and finished off with my well known smile that melts a girls heart..."she'd fall for me now" I thought to myself. "Or not..." all she did was nod her head. "What does that mean.....does she still hate me.... did I just make a fool of myself?" I frantically thought. I didnt know what to say after my gesture so I just put my hands in my pockets and began to rock on my heels. "How awkward!" Is all I could think. 


The silence lasted for what felt like hours, but then she spoke. "I gotta get going" She said turning away. I wanted to say something before she left, I just had to think of what. Well I guess I didnt think because the next think I new was my hand was on her arm. What am I going to say? My heart was pounding and somehow I forgot how to speak but I managed to say "Emma."


(Were done with the POV's for now, back to the story)


I looked at Harry but obviously he had nothing to say so I walked away. Why should I waste my time waiting for him to say something? I never cared what he had to say back then and I shouldn't care now! I made my way out and walked along the fence. As I was walking Darcy came running towards the gate. "Thanks for helping me, your really nice, have a good day!" Before I could respond she was off playing tag with the other little kids. "What a sweetie! I would adopt her in a heart beat." I whispered. 


 I finished my way home, but as I came up to my house I saw 3 people outside. The only one I recognized, from the distance I was, was my sister. "She probably doesn't want me to intrude." I thought to myself remembering how mad she gets. I quickly ran at a diagonal and hid behind a tree. I peaked around to see if she noticed me.... it didn't seem like it, so I jumped on the tree, climbed up, and crawled over to the edge of one the branches. I looked down and to my surprise the two other people were Niall and Carter. "This cant be good" I mumbled. I was too high to understand the words but from the tone....I knew it wasnt good. "Should I help her?" I asked myself "No....she needs to learn how to manage on her own. But I wonder what its about."

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