Never Good Enough

Emma was an outsider growing up. She didnt have a lot of friends, and she looked like she lived in a box. She was bullied by all of her classmates day after day. Luckily she had a supportive and loving family back home.... at least thats what she thouht before the accident. All of Emma's hopes for the future vanished with a blink of an eye, due to a drunk driver. Will she be able to overcome her future trials? Will she be able to get over the loss of loved ones? What will happen when her Prince Charming turns out to be her high school bully and tormentor?


6. Getting to the truth

"Aghhh!" I screamed falling from the tree. I stood up brushing off my clothes while preparing for the worst. "Vanessa's gonna hate me for ease dropping." I thought to myself. Carter and Niall just looked and starred at me.... I felt so uncomfortable and out of place, but to my surprise Vanessa spoke up saying "Look guys, I'm sorry for what I did....but you dont have to stare at my sister like that. She has a right to hang/ fall from a tree. She didn't do anything wrong. I know your mad and upset but dont take your hate out on her." Carter and Niall looked at eachother and mumbled "whatever" as they walked away 'bumping' into Vanessa.  


"What was that about" I asked Vanessa. "Oh that, lets talk about it inside" Vanessa replied trying to brush off the topic like it was nothing. As we came inside I asked her again "what happened" but again she tried to brush it off by replying " Em, sit relax, we'll get there later. Obviously you just got back from your run, how was it? Let's catch up!" What happened to my sister? Never ever has the wicked witch of the west turn into the good witch of the east. I looked up at Vanessa confused on the sudden interest in my life. Did my yelling at her earlier make her come to her senses? My mind was astonished with how fast my sister had a personality change, so much that I became speechless. " to Emma" My sister called. "What" I questioned "tell me about your day" she said "Vanessa, not until you tell me what happened" I sternly replied wanting answers.  


Vanessa sat silently for a few minutes and then started to spill. 



"Well, it goes back to this morning, when you barged into my room. Apparently I was a little too loud because Niall heard our conversation. When I went back into the room Niall just looked at me. I told him it was nothing and went to sit on his lap, but he pushed me off. He told me he wanted to talk. So I obliged. Little did I know, because 'talk' ment lecture. He started his lecture by saying is it not obvious to you that your sister cares about you. For you to push her out like that......he paused and then started his sentence again. Vanessa, do you even care about your sister? I paused....I didn't know how to respond, but he continued anyway. Didn't think so. Your sister needs someone to love her. Can you not see past her fake smile? Ever since your parents died I've watched you blame your siser.... when really you needed to step up, and not be her mom, cuz your not, but to be there for her. I tried to respond but he wouldn't let me speak. He told me he didnt want to see me anymore until I fixed everything between us. At that time I didn't see anything wrong with us, so there was nothing to fix.


Thats when I went down to talk to you.... I was going to fake an apology so that I could still be with Niall. Before you let me talk you yelled at me for the bad sister that I was. It didnt hurt when Niall lectured me but hearing it from you broke my heart. Thats when I really wanted to change. You wouldnt have known cuz you were out for you jog, but its true. 


After you left Niall came down the stairs and looked at me....his face was full of disappointment. "You didn't do it...I actually thought you would" Niall said his voice shaking. He continued " I called my brother to pick me up....We're done, im breaking up with you." My feelings of sadness soon turned to worry when Niall said Carter was picking him up. Their gonna realize that I was cheating on them. How was I going to handle that situation? 


Niall softly spoke up and said "ummm Vanessa if you dont mind I wanna wait outside." I opened the door and followed him out. I didnt know what to say to him, I didn't know what to say at all. I was always the dumper never the one who got dumped. Time felt like forever but surly enough Carters car came driving down the street. Carter pulled up to my driveway and rolled down the window. "Hey Vanessa" he flirting said. I tried to act like I didn't hear anything but it didnt work because Niall and his hawk ears heard. Nialls faced steamed as he loudly said " Carter! I brake up with my girlfriend and you have the nerve to flirt with her?!? What is your problem?" "Carter hearing that got out of the car and replied angrily to Niall " your girlfriend! Vanessas my girlfriend!" The two of them looked at each other and then at me. Then I decided to come clean about what I had been doing and how sorry I was, etc. Thats what happened. You happy now? Now you know!"


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