The Accident

Have you ever heard of the saying 'Forgive, forget, but never regret.'? I have, and I completely dissagree. I will never forgive myself for what I did that day. The day I lost my best friend, my partner in crime, the girl I fell in love with. The day I lost Robin.

Parker Jackman lost the person he loved the most, so what will happen when he meets her three years later and she doesn't remember him at all? Will he win her heart over again? Or has someone else took her heart?


2. The New Girl


"You are the reason she's like this! How could you do this! My poor innocent little Robin. You can never see my daughter ever again you monster!"

"Wake up!" As if I was splashed with cold water I sat up abruptly. Sweat beads were very evident on my face. I panted as I tried to catch my breath.

"Are you ok? You kept yelling Robin's name. This is the third time this week I had to wake up because you were screaming and shaking."

"I'm fine Mom." I was most defiantly not fine but I don't want my mom to have to worry about more things then what she already has to. Ever since dad died she has been struggling to support me and my brother as a single mother. My brother didn't make it any easier for her by always getting in trouble and having to have mom bail him out of jail with the little money she had. We were always struggling financially. She did not have a very high paying job to begin with but when she go laid off it made tough times, extremely tough times. That when I started to skip school and started to work to keep our house and provide food for our small family. It now consisted of me and my mother. If your wondering about my brother well he ran away when he turned eighteen, and never looked back. I think about him sometimes but I always end up getting too frustrated. I think its for the best though. If he was still here we would be in major debt, not that we aren't already but it would make it worse.

I took a quick shower and got ready for school.  I am suppose to be a senior but I go held back for not doing my assignments because I was working for my family. I didn't tell anyone that so they just thought I was lazy and stupid.

I grabbed my bag and began to head out the door. We couldn't afford gas so we had to take the bus everywhere we go. Some don't like to ride the bus but I happen to enjoy it. Its a time where so many different people come together for the same reason. It might be because their car broke down or ran out of gas. Maybe it was because they couldn't afford one like me or they simply liked riding the bus. There are so many reasons why we ride the bus but there is really only one reason, we need a ride.

"Hey bro! What's up?" My best friend Carter said very enthusiastically as he sat down beside me. We became best friends in first grade. He was there for me when I was dealing with Robin's loss. I was a mess for about a year. Deep down I am still a mess but I know how to cover it up with a smile. Carter always knew when I was faking. He also knew not to push for answers if I was okay or not. I didn't need to worry if anybody else asked if I was okay be he was my only friend. We were what people call 'Nerds' but Carter actually is on a city league hockey team but no one looks behind his big rimed glasses to see that he is one of the coolest real kid who goes to this school. On the other hand I am a nerd. I don't have glasses but my face is always glued to a book. Bookworm is a major understatement for me. I can spend a whole day in the library reading. Which is what I normally would do when I don't have to work.

"Nothing really. Are you ready for your senior year?" I replied as casually as I can. He was a senior while I was only a Junior because I got held back.

"I don't think I will ever be ready." Over the summer he got his braces off so he talked much more clear.

"We are going to have suck it up because we are here." Why was summer so short! I enjoyed spending time sleeping and reading. Over the entire summer I read four hundred sixty-five books. Some were good and some were bad. I also found something called Wattpad, where you write and read stories created by other people. I'm not to big on writing so I just stuck to reading.

We exited the bus and headed towards the bricked building before us. The building was infested with load chattering teenagers. The freshmen's looking lost and scared and the seniors looking big and tough.

Me and Conner walk straight to our lockers. We had our lockers right next to each other. Freshman year I had to bribed some jock to let Conner have his locker by doing his homework for a month. The work wasn't hard because he was in the lowest classes. I was smart but I took normal classes so I could work and not have to worry about school.

Once we reached the red lockers that were located near the bathrooms, we took out our class schedule and started to compare them.

"At least we have Calculus and Art together." Conner said as he handed my schedule back to me. I shoved it in my locker, already knowing where all my classes were. I had economics first period. Literature second period. Art third. Biology forth. Lunch. Home economics and finally Calculus. I was quite pleased with my schedule. The only class I am not looking forward to is Home Ec. I have always been a terrible cook. Every student has to take it at least once. I had always got lucky and didn't have to take it, up until now.

After saying our good byes and good lucks we headed to class knowing that the bell was going to go off soon so why not get a head start.

I was the first one to class so I took this opportunity to take a front seat. I pulled out my materials that were necessary for the class and put them neatly on the desk. By this time a few students started to come in and sit down near the back.

"Hey did you hear about the new Senior?" a blonde girl named Stacy asked the red head next to her.

"No. Is He hot?" Kylie asked back.

"No because she is not a he. I heard she was really pretty though. We might need to get her to join the Populars before she becomes a nerd or something." She turned her head to me.

"No offence Darwin." Not only did she not say the right name but she just called me a nerd. I wasn't denying that I was a nerd because I certainly am one, but it still stings when someone calls you a nerd right to your face with a look of disgust plastered on their face.

"Its Parker." I muttered quietly. Apparently to quiet because they just started to talk again like nothing was happened.

The rest of the period flew by as well as my other three periods. It was now time for lunch. Kids where rushing to the cafeteria, not wanting to be in class any longer. Me on the other hand would be happy to stay in and work on the homework that had been assigned so I didn't have to do it sat home because I had work after school. I would be staying in if Conner didn't make me eat lunch in the cafeteria on the first day of school every year. He said 'Its the first day. We have to at least eat together one day of this year so why not do it the first day.' It was true that we never ate together because of me always eating in the library and him asking for help on upcoming projects and assignments. I agreed two years ago and we have been doing it ever since.

I entered the lunch room and grabbed a burger and a coke and headed for our usual table. No one else sat at the table but us and we were happy about that. We began talking about our classes and how our teaches were. We didn't talk to much about the new kid because it would just be a waste of time getting our hopes up that she would possibly be real and not a fake jock or cheerleader. Our hopes were always crushed when we saw the new kids join the popular crowd. Last year was a guy named James who turned out to be the co captain of the football teem. The year before that was Emily who became the captain of the girls volleyball team, and slept with the whole boys soccer team. And don't even get me started about Ryan.

Lunch ended quickly thankfully, so we parted and started to walk to our next class. Home Ec. yuck! I just hope I can pass this class without burning down the school.

I took a seat at the only empty table in the middle of the classroom.

"Okay class first im going to assign you partners that you will have for the rest of the year. Seeing that you are already paired up im just gong to have you become partners with who ever your sitting by." I guess im going to do all of these stupid projects alone. My thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the classroom door flying open and a brunette girl barging into the room. I couldn't see her face because her back was turned towards me.

"I'm so sorry im late Mrs. Austin!"

"Its fine. Just don't do it again. Go sit by Parker." As Mrs. Austin finished saying my name the brunette turned around giving my a good look at her face. I gasped as I realized the girl standing before me was Robin.

My Robin.


Well here is chapter two. I hope you all enjoyed it. Please drop me a comment or two telling me what you think. 

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