Back For You

In hopes of forgetting about her past, Sienna moves to a new city. The Big Apple. She makes new friends and goes to a new school. She is also deemed as one of the most popular girls in college. But when her best friend and roommate starts dating one of the guys from One Direction, will there be jealousy? Will things go out of hand? Will Sienna finally make her decision? Who will she choose? Harry? Liam? Louis? Zayn? Or Niall?


10. Epilogue

*2 years later*


Graduation day was finally here. I couldn't believe that I was graduating college with a business degree. My parents couldn't have been any more proud of me. I received my diploma and threw my cap in the air with all of the other graduates. "I'm so happy for you!" Rebecca hugged me with a smile. She graduated with a business degree as well. Jesse majored in English and was going to be an English teacher while making music on the side. "Congrats Sienna." Jesse hugged me with a smile.

"Thanks Jess." I smiled as we pulled away. The moment we pulled away, I saw Liam through the crowd as I ran up and hugged him. He hugged me back as he twirled me around. "I didn't think you'd make it." I smiled, looking up into his eyes. "I wouldn't miss my girlfriend's graduation." he smiled as he kissed my lips.

For the past two years, I've been dating One Direction. My life was amazing. Well, that was my opinion. I kissed him back and we pulled away. "Staying for the party?" I asked him.

"Babe, we are the life of the party." Louis approached us with a smile. I went up and wrapped my arms around him. "I have a surprise for you later." he smirked as I looked at him. "Am I invited?" I turned and saw Savannah. I smiled even wider as I ran up and hugged my best friend. "I missed you!" I said and pulled away.

"I missed you too." she smiled. "Am I invited or not?" Harry and the rest of the guys walked up to where we were standing. "Of course you are. I wouldn't have a party without my best friend and the best five guys a girl could ever ask for." I smiled.




Author's Note: Well that's the end everyone! :) I hope you all enjoyed reading it. I have more stories coming soon. I hope you read and like and comment them all :) Oh... favorite them too! Thanks again for reading!


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