Back For You

In hopes of forgetting about her past, Sienna moves to a new city. The Big Apple. She makes new friends and goes to a new school. She is also deemed as one of the most popular girls in college. But when her best friend and roommate starts dating one of the guys from One Direction, will there be jealousy? Will things go out of hand? Will Sienna finally make her decision? Who will she choose? Harry? Liam? Louis? Zayn? Or Niall?


1. College Life

New York University. It was a beautiful campus and it was large too. I've never felt so far away from my family and friends before. I was getting homesick. Today was my first day of school and I was starting as a Freshman. I had all ready gone through orientation in the summer. It wasn't so bad. I just hated the feeling of making new friends.

Most of the students here had known each other since they were little. They all grew up together, or so I've heard. Then there were other students, like me, who moved from out of state. Every class room that I was in, everyone talked to each other and I was the odd one out. I didn't mind being alone. It was going to take some time getting used to.

There were a few booths recruiting people to join their clubs. "Hey, do you want to join the cheerleading team? I'm Rebecca by the way." A petite red head came up to me and smiled, handing me a flyer. There were tryouts that weekend. I told her that I'd think about it and walked away. I needed something to do on my spare time that I was here and figured cheerleading would do the trick. Just like high school. I added in my head.

As I walked through the campus, I heard the sounds of a guitar playing not too far away. When I got closer, there were a group of guys singing. Five of them. They had just finished their song just a few minutes after I had arrived. One of the guys had caught my eye. I felt myself blushing and I looked away. He walked up to me, "Hi, I'm Jesse." he smiled at me.

I looked at him and said, "Sienna." He held out his hand as I shook it. "That's a beautiful name Sienna. I can tell that you're new here. Maybe I can show you around sometime." he said. I nodded, "That'd be great." We exchanged numbers and went our separate ways.


After a full year of being at college and heading into my Sophomore year, I was going to enjoy college. I've made a few friends, Jesse and Rebecca. I was also a cheerleader, so I knew every hot guy on the football and basketball team. College was just like high school, but in a way, better.

Rebecca was a Junior and so was Jesse, but they had become one of my really good friends at the campus. The three of us hung out at lunch together and even hung out together on the weekends. They gave me some good advice on how to impress the teachers that I had since they were a class ahead of me.

Back in the door rooms, my roommate was putting up posters of her favorite band: One Direction. "I love Louis, don't you?" Kylie asked me with a smile. Kylie was a brunette with green eyes. She was bit shorter than me and she was a Sophomore too. I shrugged, "I don't have an interest for boy bands." I told her, then went back to studying. I lied. I did have an interest for boy bands. That boy band was One Direction.


"There's this awesome party at the Beta house. You should go." Rebecca smiled. I looked at the party flyer in my hand as the four of us (Rebecca, Jesse, Kylie, and me) sat at our regular table outside. "I don't know." I said. It was this Saturday at 7pm and a band was playing there. "I wonder who has the money to hire a band to play for a Frat party." Kylie said.

"Kyle Tanner." Rebecca saw him and a group of boys pass by our table. She waved at him as he waved back. She was head over heels for Kyle. Ever since she was a Freshman, she had a crush on him and that crush kept growing. "You haven't talked to him yet?" I asked her.

"He asked me for a pencil in Chemistry." she said.

Jesse and I looked at each other, then I focused my eyes back on the flyer. "I'll go." I finally said and Rebecca hugged me. "Great! We'll go shopping this Friday." she smiled. She reminded me of Savannah and I liked that trait about her.


That night, "Do you think we'll ever see One Direction?" Kylie asked me. I was on my laptop quietly watching Toy Story and she was laying down on her stomach looking through a magazine filled with information about One Direction. "Aren't you a little old to be in love with boy bands?" I asked her.

"No one's too old to be in love with this boy band. Girls from all ages love them, even college girls like us." Kylie answered as she sat up. "What are you watching?" She leaned over at my laptop and I hid it from her. Our beds were pressed together so it looked like a large Queen sized bed. She stayed on her side and I stayed on mine.

"Nothing." I closed my laptop, then got in bed. I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

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