Skater boy

Mia is a Victoria secret model . She never wanted to be one tho her mother force her own dreams on her. She had the principal as her father and Justin bieber as her boyfriend. But she doesn't like her life she wanted to be a singer.Andrew Ortiz Is boy that just goes with the flow still keeping his bad boy image. Would this one skarer boy show her the courage to Stand up to her mother and go chase her dream to be a singer?


7. Chapter 7


Everybody came back 20 minutes before detention was over. Which means he was there, his hair still slightly wet from the soda. He was glaring me but not a death glare but one you throw at someone you felt pithy for. I didn't like it at all it made me feel small. 

~Nicole's House~  

"Yeah yeah mother I got it now go go your going to be late for your plaine mother" Nicole was desperate for her mom to leave so she can start the party. She said she wanted to be like project X! I got ready at her house. I just put I thight,strapless black dress that cover my parts but still would get boys interested. Now I look like a slut with that that dress but Nicole choose it for me, she said that we can get the alcohol for free I have to seduce the cashier. I put on my black heels and got to Nicole's car.  


we both enter at the same time I went to the counter and she went to get the drinks. I lean forward a little bit and the show start. Good thing the cashier was a teenage boy or I don't know what I would has done. "So why would a cute boy like you would be doing her?" he gave me a questioning look "When he can be in my bed" I wink at him I jump in the counter and turn myself around. He leaned forward and kiss me. I kissed back I hated doing this but we need it to. Then Nicole came she cleared her trout and we both look at her "ID please!" he said with a shaky voice "aww we don't have IDs but if you let us go you can come to our party and ill give you something special" I whisper to him in his ear as seductive as I could he nodded and while we were leaving I heard him scream "Eh you never told me were it was" me and Nicole keep walking. Once we got to the car we bursted out laughing. 


We found love by rihanna was Bursting out of the house. When you try to talk to people you had to scream your lungs out for them just to hear. Some people were already wasted while others went up to the rooms. I was still a virgin and I wasn't planning on losing it any soon. I wanted a drink that wasn't alcohol so I was heading to the kitchen. I had to kik some cups out of the way push some people and I saw some things that were getting to deep for public. But I finally got to the kitchen. I open the door grabbed a bottle of water. Once I close the door and turn around there he was Andrew. I rolled my eyes and walk pass him. That's when I felt somebody grabbed my arm then turn me around. What the hell was he doing? "Are you drunk?" was the first thing I though "No why" he questioned me " Because you obviously want to talk with ne about something since you didn't let me go and well honestly I know you don't like me you hate me is so obvious. You wouldn't Want to talk with the Barbie doll unless your drunk" his eyes darken a little. "I'm sorry" I couldn't believe he was apologizing he is not known to be a person who apologize. "Is to late you don't judge a book just by there cover and that's exactly what you did Andrew" I try walking to the exit but then he turn around and he grabbed my wist and put me close to him once he realize what he had done he let me go. " I know mia what I did is wrong but I'm a senior now and I know what the high school life is all about is always the same bullshit. Just talk to me please. Come on you got me here begging for my forgiveness that's something you don't see every day you know?" I sigh "Fine your forgiving" I saw him smile and then turn to his usal self. "Cool" he try to act cool on me I could see right trough him tho. "You want to go dance?" he whisper almost to soft to hear. but I couldn't get the words I wanted instead I told him something else "I can't I have to be loyal to justin. He would be mad If I start dancing with somebody else besides him" Andrew just chuckle " Is funny you want to be loyal but your wearing that dress that can easily turn a guy on" I just gave him a devilish smile. "Yeah I know right but guess what I didn't pick the outfit.. Nicole pick it for me. She said I need to loosen up a little bit" "You should follow your friends advice. Is just a dance is not like I'm going to rape you princess" he wink at me .He was trying to challenge me? Mmm Hell no things don't go that way for me. Then again the song that I have to dance with him is 'Dj got us following in love by usher' that song is not so bad. "Fine let's go" he grabbed my hand. He was about to intertwined our fingers when I took of running dragging him away with me. "Well you want this badly don't you?" he smirk at me. Ugh let's just get this over with I start dancing to the rhythm of the music. He step closer to me and put his hands around my waist. I was freaking out. I felt his hands fastly being removed from my body. Justin. Shit. They were beating the crap of one another.

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