Skater boy

Mia is a Victoria secret model . She never wanted to be one tho her mother force her own dreams on her. She had the principal as her father and Justin bieber as her boyfriend. But she doesn't like her life she wanted to be a singer.Andrew Ortiz Is boy that just goes with the flow still keeping his bad boy image. Would this one skarer boy show her the courage to Stand up to her mother and go chase her dream to be a singer?


23. chapter 23

I'm here alone in the hallway with him. Wishing a teacher would pass by and tell use to go to our class. "Yes you should had trusted me" His eyes look hurt and he had bags under his eyes like he hasn't sleep at all . He look pale and with any life ! Like a zombie . What have happen to him ? He was full of life . "Your arms there full of tattoos ? Your perfect skin is-" I interrupt him in mid sentence "I don't cared about being perfect as a Barbie cause I'm tired of being somebody I'm not. Sorry ! !"

He was just shock i dont even know why if he knew from the beginning i hated myself . I didnt want to be what i was before , and im not going back to my old self. Now i want to be me i want to be a singer i want to express myself trough lyrics i just want to live in music cause thats all i ever wanted.

"Mia give me another change i was an ass and i was just jealous i was out of my mind when i thought you would do something like cheating on me" well at least he knows his done something wrong now the question is should let him back in my life? Or let him go as part if my past? Decisions , decisions what would it be ? Hum

"Let me think about it , but since were late already how about we just skip this class? " i ask cause i honestly didnt want everybody starting at me when i walk in late. Which would had been my first late ever. "Sure" said,he with a big cheesy smile spread on his face. 😃 a/n sorry i didnt update since forever i just didnt have a computer anymore
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