Skater boy

Mia is a Victoria secret model . She never wanted to be one tho her mother force her own dreams on her. She had the principal as her father and Justin bieber as her boyfriend. But she doesn't like her life she wanted to be a singer.Andrew Ortiz Is boy that just goes with the flow still keeping his bad boy image. Would this one skarer boy show her the courage to Stand up to her mother and go chase her dream to be a singer?


22. chapter 22

"You sure about this ?" I just nodded my head I mean how hurtful could it be ? I felt the sharp pain finally come at me . Ok so I was wrong it hurt so so bad like when you toe on the table. Nope that couldn't describe the pain I was on. I squeeze the stress ball so hard I felt like I was going to ruin that crap.

After 30 painful minutes I got everything I needed pay the men and got out of the shop. Okay my hair was dyed-Well I change my mind and just dyed one color you wouldn't guess which one ? No ? you sure don't want to guess again okay ill tell you The color is ........RED ! Yup I'm pretty awesome and may I say i look good on red - , Okay Nails done , New badass clothes and my little surprise for mom and dad was done too.

Awesome everything is ready just one tiny little thing to do was to finally quit. Yup I was going to call the agency and quit right this moment. I'm sorry for my parents but they finally have to get there asses up and go look for a real job . Well at least my mom should. Im not going to pay for everything anymore it should be the other way around but nope I was the one that always had to provide for them and pay for everything they needed. I mean is not that my dad doesn't help is just that he can't support us in that salary. My mom shop almost everyday . Thats were his pay check always go at.


She can finally Do something proactive of there life's for god sakes she went to collage I think they can handle it cause imaa enjoy my teenage years finally.


"So what are we doing now ?" Nicole interrupted my thoughts . I shrugged "You take my new car I go on my new baby and i'll meet you at my house after I make a call" she nodded "Do you even know how to ride that thing ? I don't want you dead girl " She said with worry on her voice "Is ok I think I got the hand of it . That guy was a real help I just really need to keep my balance which is so easy for me " I winked at her and she chuckled.

"Ok Then give them " she stretch her arm for me to give her the keys I handed it to her . A minute later she was already on her way . I took a deep breath and took out my iPhone5 .

I started dailing the person I had label as "The devil of earth " with a evil looking emoji on it . So yeah I did put that as his contact name but hey I didn't like him so why not ?

"This better be good Ortega cause I'm very busy ri-". "I fucking quit you bastar you better find somebody else cause I quit and I ain't going back " I interrupt as I had enough bravery to tell him that. "What ?" he said angrily "You heard me very well so yeah bye " before he can say anything I hang up I have a weird habit of doing that a lot !


I got on my new baby and ride home . I got the hang of it pretty fast considering I'm riding a motorcycle as of right now. But I got to admit the wind blowing my hair felt pretty good and the new rush I got it was unexplainable.



I got home and saw Nicole still inside the car using her phone . I knock on the window and she turned her head and as Smile. She got out of the car handed me the keys and pull me into a beat hug . "Good luck .Your stuff are still on the car " with that she turn on her heals and left. -no not walking she got in her car and left - I open the door and start looking for my parents . -They were on the living room - "Mom , Dad ?" I took a deep breath and clothes my eyes as they turn there head around. For them to see my new look.


I open my eyes and they were infront of me . Shock I'm guessing . Mother was the first one to speak . As she took my shoulders and shake me . "What have you done to yourself oh my god what have I done to deserve this ? They won't want you anymore like this!!! Look at your arms Mia !" Tears fall down her face "That was the point mother I never even wanted to be a model . I always try telling you but you never even let me finish a my sentence and if this was the only way to show it then I might as well do it" My dad change his expression to an understanding . He nodded and put his hand on my moms shoulder "Let her be Rosa ! We can't change what she's done and we can't force her to do something she don't want to be ." My mom still didn't couldnt take all this is. I can feel she's get overwhelm.

"Oh and I already told the agency and kinda cursed them off so I don't think they would want me back " My mom look at me and just drop to the floor. She wasn't taking this well. I knew she wouldny but I didn't tought she would be this upset. I look at my dad and he just mouthed 'Is ok go ' I nodded and left to my room.

I saw myself in the mirror and smile I really did look different.

I got to school everybody staring at me and whispering well gossiping about me . Nicole was waiting for me in my locker . "So how did it go ?". she ask wondering what went on at home "Well my mom didn't even look at me in the morning . She didn't feed me and the only time she look at me all I saw was disgusted and disappointment . How do you think it went " she just shook her head.


Before she could even get a word out the bell rang . "Shit I have to go but this conversation aint over ok ?" I nodded and signal her to go.


I try to go to class but people wouldn't let me pass its like a pack of wild animals here. When I went for it I bump into somebody . Guess who it was ? Yeah Andrew just my luck . "Mia ? is that really you ? Oh my gosh what have you done to yourself. I look for you all over the school this morning but I couldn't find you I guess I know why now ! " I rolled my eyes at him "What do you want ?" "I wanted to apologize I should had trusted my girlfriend" I tear rolled down my face .



Omg sorry I left you between there conversation well what Yall think ? will mis forgive him ? Btw Mia is play by Cher Lloyd in this story . Thank love for all your reads keep reading <33 So what did you think did to herself that shock her mother even more then the red hair ?(; I think I'd pretty obvious if no then your gonna have to wait till next update c;

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