Skater boy

Mia is a Victoria secret model . She never wanted to be one tho her mother force her own dreams on her. She had the principal as her father and Justin bieber as her boyfriend. But she doesn't like her life she wanted to be a singer.Andrew Ortiz Is boy that just goes with the flow still keeping his bad boy image. Would this one skarer boy show her the courage to Stand up to her mother and go chase her dream to be a singer?


21. chapter 21

"Mia Wheres mia ?" The one in charge of all this was yellong for me to come. He was all work up. The backstage of this things were always noisy the director yelling the stupid plastics giggling flirting with the guest singers. Well I'm not really going to say anything bad about the flirting part cause I was like that when Justin came. The director finally found me "Mia come on honey is your turn"

I nodded and start walking down the runaway. Remember  

1.Don't trip  


3.Move yor hips  

4.Show excitement and interest.  

Does where my rules convine.  

Ok let's go. The announced men guy was announcing One Direction that was going to sing there red nose day single One way Or Another. But I could care less about them. They start singing and that was my sign to start walking. The curly one was eyeing me. My whole body some how I felt raped. Molested actually. So not cool.


I couldn't really get out of here cause the audience have to appreciate the master work. When I was out of there I was kind of happy. I had to go one more time so I had to get into my other costume as I call it. Men some of this girls here make me feel like a potato next to them. Compare to them i don't feel attractive at all. 

I change into my other extravagant designer underwear and put on my angel wings and my white high heals .


I went on once again this time the song "We Run The Night by pitbull" blasting trough the speakers giving me a better beat to go with. I could move my hips even more and well enjoy myself even more since I don't have a certain curly hair boy eyeing me making me feel very uncomfortable . Which was weird cause I'm here modeling underwear with wear crap stuck to myself and it would be shown worldwide in TVs and everything uh and I'm pretty sure some guys here are being all pervery on me including old men's. Yeah I said it old men can be perverts as well ! Gross I know.


I got to my hotel room exhausted does runways shows can be a handful if you ask me . But the after party were always fun and I alway end up with a hangover the next day ! I was taken off my make up to put my other one I would be using for the after party. Which I might said I would be the hotest bitch in there.


Since I decide to wear a thight leather dress that by the side has cuts and its perfect to show off my curves ! With my hair down I would look smoking in that party ! I was all up to it when my phone buzz I went to check what it was and saw that it was a text from a person I had label on my phone as 'Boyfriend' with two red heart's next to it and a cute little monkey with his two hand to the side it. It was adorable if you ask me . I took advantage that I had an iPhone to put does really emoji's thingys on most of my contact .  

I open up the message worried that it would be a break up message .

'Great job ! Next time try to hide the smile on your face when famous boys check you out when your half naked would you ?'

What the hell okay yes Harry mother fucking styles was checking me out but I didnt pay much attention to it since I have a boyfriend which I have very strong feelings . But it was kind of cute that he was jealous. You don't see very often in a guy. I start to type a very sarcastic and angry message .


'I'm guessing you watch the show ? Hope you like it (; is all you ever going to see of me babe ! and don't worry I won't do to many naughty things with Harry'

Ha ! Take that he should know better then to not trust me . Next thing I know my phone is buzzing again but instead of a text it was a phone call I got from him .


One I press the accept button I was greeted with screams from my boyfriend.


"What the hell is wrong with you ! I should had known better then to date somebody like you ! I though you were different you can't be trusted you fucking slut ! Now I know why Justin never took it serious with you . You got to be fucking me how stupid could I had been to thing that this could had work. People would tell me your to good for me even I would thing that but I realize I'm too good for you . Your a fucking whore and I never want to talk to you again . Your no different from Michelle Your as plastic as she is after all actually nope your just pathetic can't even stand up for yourself and go chase your own dreams instead of somebody elses".


Ouch. I was drowning in my own tears now that hurt more then he though. I couldn't speak I was speechless I didn't know how to react to his little outbursts ! I mean I was playing around. Okay get yourself together Mia don't let him get to you. Know how to play the game. This is a game I would not lose

"Well hello to you to honey I miss you to no no Im not tired at all babe . How about that first and then you can question me if you had talk to me you should had known that I wasn't interesting in him at all and that smiling is part of my job. Another thing don't compare me to her cause I'm way classier then that bitch bye Andrew."


before he could say another word I hang up on him. Who do he think he is talking to me like that ? I didn't want to go out anymore. I went to my bed and began crying into my pillow . Leaving black mascara on the white fluffy goodness. It really did hurt that all of that came from his mouth and that was he honestly though about me then that was just fine I had to deal it with .



Once I got out of the plain I ran to hug my parents I miss them I don't have anybody to spoil me over there. -Well at least my father does ;my mother doesnt all she does is annoys the shit out of me all the time . Well I can't said I'm not glad to be here. Back home and school. Even tho I would have to face Andrew today . I hadn't speak to him since that day we had an argument which also let to sadly our break up. Oh well I had all day today to think about what I'm going to do. Relax with some manicure. Do my nails with really cute designs on it . I wanted to dyed my hair as well . I wanted it all black and then ends would be light pink. I had seen that before on instagram and it look pretty. I wanted to go shopping with my best friend and update her with everything.

With new look I'm planning to get hopefully people would take me more seriously and well a new me would sure be born .

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