Skater boy

Mia is a Victoria secret model . She never wanted to be one tho her mother force her own dreams on her. She had the principal as her father and Justin bieber as her boyfriend. But she doesn't like her life she wanted to be a singer.Andrew Ortiz Is boy that just goes with the flow still keeping his bad boy image. Would this one skarer boy show her the courage to Stand up to her mother and go chase her dream to be a singer?


2. chapter 2


Justin was going to pick me up. We were going to the lake so I won't put nothing to fancy. I decide to put black shorts, white tank top, Black snapback and my white and black converse. I went downstairs to wait for him. As I was walking down, I heard the door bell ring. Well his early. I Walk as fast as I could but my mother already had open it. My mother was shamelessly flirting with Justin ugh how disgusting. I slightly push my mother over and grabbed Justin by the arm "Come on let's go babe" Justin never like the way I treated my mother but honestly I didn't care. "Ok bye mrs.Jimenez stay beautiful" my mother smile and blush a little as she close the door. I rolled my eyes. "What? you know I need to get in your mother's good side" "She would love you even without all the complements after all you are famous and well she wants me to be well known as a model she's just a interested in money." justin keep quite and open the door for me. He walk to the other side and open his door.  


Me and Justin where just walking to the side of the lake his hand intertwined with mines it felt so good and warm. Random people came up to him for autograph or pictures once in a while some even gave me dirty looks. Is always the same I can't go out with him without somebody coming up to us and asking for a autograph or picture from him. I sigh. "Was wrong babe?"he ask knowing exactly what it was we fought a lot because of the same thing "Nothing just that its always the same thing is so damn annoying" "Here we go again" he let go off my hand as he said that "I dont want to fight is getting dark you should just take me home. We were walking back to the parking lot when I saw him. Andrew is like everywhere I go he has to he there. He was trying to do tricks with his skateboard he look so sexy. Justin saw me staring at something so he look were my eyes were glue on. "If you like him better you should just go to him instead of me" Justin was such a jealous guy. Is adorable. "Awww is so cute your jealous come on Justin his just a skater boy" "I'm not jealous" Justin said coldly. "Yeah I can see" I said sarcastically "Fuck it tell skater boy to give you a ride instead I'm out of here"

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