Skater boy

Mia is a Victoria secret model . She never wanted to be one tho her mother force her own dreams on her. She had the principal as her father and Justin bieber as her boyfriend. But she doesn't like her life she wanted to be a singer.Andrew Ortiz Is boy that just goes with the flow still keeping his bad boy image. Would this one skarer boy show her the courage to Stand up to her mother and go chase her dream to be a singer?


18. chapter 18

"I cant stop you after all that's your job but your going half way around the country. What am I suppose to do ? Wait here while there's a possibility that you can find another guy. A better guy?"His hands were on a fist. His nails sink into his skin.


This is a view I don't like. I took his hand and undo the fist. As soon as I unwrapped it what I saw broke me. He had nail marks. Is that how much force he was using? "Don't worry I wont go for another guy. Cause your the only one I want" His head was looking at my bed sheets. I saw a tear fall down. This is heartbreaking.


I try lifting his chin up so he would look into my eyes but he didn't let me. "How would you know that ? We haven't been dating for long! You didn't even said it to me change the fucking subject" he yelled at me full of anger and sadness. I wont play dumb I know what it is.They were does 3 words that I wasn't ready to say. Before I could speak I heard the door lock being unlocked. "Honey were home" my mom said with her loud voice from downstairs. "Shit" i mumble.His going to know my dad is the principal "Ok mother I'll be right there in a sec" My voice sounded shaky even I can feel it.


Me and Andrew went down the stairs. Tension sure was in the air. "Mom where are you ?" I jump as my mom appear from nowhere. So did my dad. "Erm mom, dad this is-" "Andrew...Andrew Ortiz" my dad interrupted me. Of course his going to know "Yes he would be leaving now tho" Ii past toward my dad and mom Andrew following behind me.

I could feel all the glareds this ain't going to be good. "Your dad is the principal are you fucking with me right now ?" I shocked my head that's all I could do right now. My whole dictionary of words was gone. I didn't know what to tell him I was lost in my own words.

When we reach the door I try giving him a peeked on the lips but he turn his head rejecting me. "I know a lot has happen today but Don't reject me like that it hurts! I'm not going to see you for a whole week. I'm leaving tonight to London!!" His head suddenly snap to my direction "What the hell ? And you just decided to tell me now! ? Oh and you had well hidden that your dad was the fucking principal no wonder you never get in trouble" he turn around and start walking towards his car."Stupid Barbie doll" he mumbled

"I'm not a barbie doll" I yelled my lungs out full of anger "Well you sure act like one Mia" does were his last words before driving off.



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