Skater boy

Mia is a Victoria secret model . She never wanted to be one tho her mother force her own dreams on her. She had the principal as her father and Justin bieber as her boyfriend. But she doesn't like her life she wanted to be a singer.Andrew Ortiz Is boy that just goes with the flow still keeping his bad boy image. Would this one skarer boy show her the courage to Stand up to her mother and go chase her dream to be a singer?


17. chapter 17

This boy was making me feel truly,deeply.madly  in love. Just in his actions he show me he actually care for me. He didnt tell me he show me. Thanks to him i learn how to love. "babe why are you crying?" i gave him a gentle smile and hold his hand interwining our fingers. "thank you" i gave him a peecked on the cheeck "really thanks you" he look confuse but then catch up at what i was talking about "Never change i love you for you anf only you" without even knowing he drop does words on me i love you could he mean it or the words just sliped out of his mouth saying that to your boyfriend/girlfriends means more then anybody can think off. What should i do should i say it back? i middle school, and elemantary they were easy words to say it was like just playing around nobody that little ever really knows what they mean or how they feel. Love is like hope. The light to your darkness. The person you love becomes your world. Your heart beeps because you know there with you. Everytime they kiss you they take your breath away and the whole world freezes around you. Then again does feelings can be the reason that breaks you down. Thats why over the years i have built up this self protective wall that nobody could break it,. Well at least thats what i though until he came a long. He was already craking whole trought the wall. What am i saying?Its only been two freaking weeks i cant  really be thinking i love him is to soon. but i do have respond. "Is getting late how about we go to my house? my mom and dad went out today. We can watch movies" "sure " he sounded cold like he really didnt ge a single fuck.


I let him choose the movie he wanted. I had a big collection of moives specially drama and romantic comedy. It was between friends with benifts or the hunger games i had the final decion well duhh i wasnt going to watch a sexual movie with him when were on my room alone mmm hell no i would like to still be a virgin until i get marrige if i can go that long or maybe until i feel is fine to have it.

"oh erm andrew" my voice was shackig ihave forgotten about this years anaoul victorias secret runway. It was going to be held in london this year. Considering im with andrew now i have somebody to worry about i have somebody that im actually nervous to tell."yeah?"

"well you see how im a model right?" "no shit really? i had no idea" i chuckle he was so sarcastic "so was up with that? are you going to remind me im dating probably the hottest girl in school. Im lucky to have you because every guy is jelous of me? uh i know that im dating an international model?" damn his getting annoying "im seriuos andrew" i frowned. he had his arms around me and i was on his chest. I gaot out of grip and look at him on the face. I had a frowned on my thats when he knew i wasnt jocking around. "Ok so whats wrong?"he said as he grabbed the controller to paused the movie. i took a deep breath to calm down. I was trying to figure out how to say it "spit it out Mia" "alright,alright ok well i have to go to london  for this years victoris secret anual ranway were they show there new lie of clothes" i cought while sneacking in  the words "underwear" . the room was completly quit now. I wanted to know  what he was thinking. What he thought would he get angry or would he understand this is my job. Thats when he finally spoke.

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