Skater boy

Mia is a Victoria secret model . She never wanted to be one tho her mother force her own dreams on her. She had the principal as her father and Justin bieber as her boyfriend. But she doesn't like her life she wanted to be a singer.Andrew Ortiz Is boy that just goes with the flow still keeping his bad boy image. Would this one skarer boy show her the courage to Stand up to her mother and go chase her dream to be a singer?


15. chapter 15

'Dear mia 

Me and your mother are going to go on a date to keep the spark going. We want time for us so you would be alone at night were going to leave money on the table so you can order pizza.  

Love your father'  

Omg yes alone today. No complaints from my mother today. No dirty looks from her yup even from her I get dirty looks because I broke up with Justin and went out with Andrew instead. She doesnt like him she thinks his rhe reason of my break up wig Justin.

I stood there very awkwardly while Nicole was making out with this month boyfriend of hers. Almost every month she gets a new one she can't last I swear. Since Nicole gives me rides I can't actually complain. I felt something grave me from the back. "Hey baby how about instead of staring like an idiot you do it?" I recognize that sexy voice. I turn around put my hands around his neck and pull him closer "Sure why not ?" I wink and start kissing him. The Kiss was full of lust and was a little forceful. I pull out "Can you give me a ride ? I don't think they would be done eating each other out anytime soon" Andrew nodded. We walk silently to his car. When I got inside it smell just like him. I took a deep breath to smell more of it. I was looking outside the windowand saw that we weren't going to the direction of my house. "Where we going?" I ask "I'm going to teach you something you need to know to be my girlfriend. So my friends won't think I'm dating a princess but I cool chick they would be jealous" "What the fuck are you fucking saying that your embarrassed of me??" I felt tear escape from my left eye. "What?? No" "Then why are you trying to change me to get approval from yor friends ? Don't you think they are already jealous I mean your dating a fucking Victoria secret model. A Model bitch. Do you know how many guys want me ? Many guys won't be emberrased of me but they would proudly show me to all there friends" I yelled now I was crying my heart out in front of him. Oh God help me. I felt the car stop. I open my eyes some where along the line I close my eyes I cant remember when tho.

I saw we were at a park." Mia why would you think like that ?" "You said yourself" "No I didn't you misunderstood I w-" before he could finish the sentence and storm out of his car. I didn't want to hear anymore of his bullshit.

I was running as fast as I could. Andrew was trying to catch up to me he was yelling to stop. I ran pretty fast I was on a lot of sports before I officially became a model. Still I have to keep me body so I have to stay healthy and do a lot of workouts. I look back and saw that Andrew was slowing down he was running down out of energy. By this point I probably look like a tomato. He stop to catch his breath then he start yelling at me.

"FUCKING MIA IS A DATE!!I'M JUST NOT USE TO TAKEN GIRLS I LIKE ON A DATE I WAS SO DAMN NERVOUS. I START SAYING THINGS I DIDNT MEAN TO I'M SORRY" That stop me and made me look back. That was kind of sweet. But he has dated other girls and taken them out on dates why would he be nervous around me ? what makes me so different ?

I ran back to were he was still trying to catch his breath.His sweat was dripping from his forehead. Damn that look sexy. "Andrew...." my voice faded as I was saying his name. He stood up and kiss me with passion. Then he bite my lips. I Moan wait what the fucking god where did that came from ? He let me go. "How about we go back ?" he intertwine our fingers and we start walking back to the where the car was.

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