I wish you were here 14+

A girl named Emily is all alone with no one because her family is so messed up. She has to run away because her mom died and her dad is addicted to drugs. She runs into a blonde haired guy named Niall. She has a terrible past that only one person knows about and he's in the band. Will they fall in love or will they be torn apart because of her dark past?



    I kept walking thinking of where I could go. I had no idea. I wanted to run to all my friends but those are the first places my dad would look and to be honest I really didn't feel like explaining the who situation to my BFF's parents. I also didn't want any ones pity. I kept thinking of where to go when it hit me like a bullet train. There was this little secret park my mom would always take me to if we needed to get away from my dad. Right before my mom died my mom was trying to get a divorce and my dad wasn't to happy about that. Part of me thinks he killed her but I have no proof and that's just what I need. I ran to the park. I just had a sudden burst of energy. As I was running people looked at me funny. I didn't care cuz people always looked at you funny when yor that weirdo kid. Everyone knew me as that weirdo who had a messed up family. It was just me and my dad and that made things worse. So here's some facts bout me: I am 18,I just turned or I would have been gone sooner. I have brown hair with hazel eyes. I love blue eyes and well I like dark hair better. I mean there is nothing  wrong with light hair I like it too but I like dark better. I am kinda short and well frail and I hate it cuz people act as if I'm a kid sometimes. I have swoop bangs which I am proud of even though it used to bug the crap out of my mom with it being in my face. LOLZ. That's bout it. I  lead a boring life with not much excitement. I finaly got to  the park where I found a bench and sat down not knowing what to do I laid down on the cold hard bench that wasn't comphortable at all.

    I swear I heard footsteps STEP STEP. See there it was again. That noise. It was almost midnight who would be out at this hour. OH NO it couldn't be my dad could it? He found me already? The footsteps got closer and closer until they were right there. I could see the shadow and I got scared. What if it was him would he make me go back? Would he beat me right here and know? Was he drunk? Could I get away? HE'S TURNING THE CORNER...


A/N heya guys and girls thanks for reading my story and please tell me what I can do better. It is rated for more mature people because later on things will happen but for know it will stay PG. Just for a little while.........

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