I wish you were here 14+

A girl named Emily is all alone with no one because her family is so messed up. She has to run away because her mom died and her dad is addicted to drugs. She runs into a blonde haired guy named Niall. She has a terrible past that only one person knows about and he's in the band. Will they fall in love or will they be torn apart because of her dark past?


3. The first time we met and I wanna take you home


He kept getting closer until I saw this blonde haired guy. OMG is that Niall Horan from one  direction. All my friends are huge fans and they would be so jelous. He is so hot in his muscle t-shirt. Good thing I look  normal in booty shorts and a t-shirt that hugged my body in all the right ways. I looked down and realised that I was so happy for wearing this shirt. He came closer to me and closer

Don't act like a fan girl!

He leaned down like he wanted to talk to me.

Don't act like a fan girl!


    I was still mad about that stupid argument me and the guys got in about Justin Bieber. I couldn't believe that they didn't like him after they know he is my idol. Well he is still awesome to me no matter what they say. 

    I kept walking and walking until I walked into an ally where I saw a gate leading into a park. I guess the park is like a secret. SHHHH..... I don't know maybe I will check out the park and go home and I HOPE the guys are asleep and I don't wake them up.

    After a while I got tired and was looking for a bench. I was walking around the side of the house when I saw a beautiful girl laying there with what looked like pure and utter fear in her eyes. I didn't know why but I was strangly attracted to her. She was so beautiful with nice curves. Why was she laying on a bench and why wasn't at home. So I walked up to her and got on my knees. I wanted to talk to her but wait maybe she wasn't a fan. She wasn't freaking out on me.

"Are you ok out here? Do you need a place to stay? Where do you live?" I said all of those things without giving her time to respond. I didn't want her to feel as though she was being interagated.

"I don't have a home and no I am ok you really don't need  to offer me anything. You are the famous Niall Horan."

I looked at her for a minute and well I wanted so bad to just walk away but she was there all alone and I don't know I guess I was drown to her in a way. She was beautiful. The moonlight danced off her skin and hair. Her dark brown hair and hazel eyes were just so perfect as she watched me. I couldn't let her go so I was ganna take her home...


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