I wish you were here 14+

A girl named Emily is all alone with no one because her family is so messed up. She has to run away because her mom died and her dad is addicted to drugs. She runs into a blonde haired guy named Niall. She has a terrible past that only one person knows about and he's in the band. Will they fall in love or will they be torn apart because of her dark past?


6. Shoppaholic

Once we arrived at the shopping mall it was packed with screaming fans trying to take photos and the pap. I smiled cuz I didn't want to look like an idiot. Once we finally got in the mall I found a bunch of clothes but I was only ganna get 6 shirts and 6 pants but Niall sent me back to get more and more. Finally I ended up with 16 outfits. We walked over to the shoe store and I got 6 pairs of shoes. I was soooooo happy cuz everything I bought was supper cute. Finally after 5 HOURS we were done. As soon as he sat down he pulled me on his lap and squeezed me

"Niall I can't breath" I said gasping for air when he loosened his grip

"Sorry love" he said and kissed me for about 5 minutes.

"Niall do you think we are moving to fast?" I whispered

"We can slow down if you want?" he whispered. I bit my lower lip and started makeing out with him. His lips traveled down my neck and kissed me. I swollowed a moan and whispered

"Wait till we are home" he smirked and I could see the gears running in his head. I wounder if the guys are home?


Sorry for the short chapter. I am posting a 1 a.m. I promise the next one will be longer. Also as you can tell the next chapter contains sexual content. 14+ please :)

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