I wish you were here 14+

A girl named Emily is all alone with no one because her family is so messed up. She has to run away because her mom died and her dad is addicted to drugs. She runs into a blonde haired guy named Niall. She has a terrible past that only one person knows about and he's in the band. Will they fall in love or will they be torn apart because of her dark past?


7. Home...where are the guys?

We finally got home and he pushed me against the wall. He kissed down my neck as I finally let out the moan. It was only 8:30 and I wonder where the guys are?Hmmmm..... I guess I don't care as long as they are not home. He kissed me and started sucking at my neck leaving marks. He would be my real first not my dad who....who....r..a..p..e..d me. I can't even say it that well. Anyways, he took off my shirt and I did the same with his. He grabbed my chest and started playing with my boobs. After and minute his tounge was on my tits. I let a small moan escape from my lips. I  was staring at his perfect abs. TONED AND SEXY. He made his way to my pants and took those off. I took his off and we made love to me and I made love to him. He kept thrusting inside of me and I was feeling extra loud so I was screaming. WOW was I that sensative. Niall was smirking the whole time we were haveing sex which made me so angry and I guess he could tell

"You look cute when your mad"

"It is cuz you won't quite smirking" I laughed and  so did he.

GOD I hope the guys don't come home.


Sorry for the short chapter my grandparents are coming over and I will try to post another one later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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