I wish you were here 14+

A girl named Emily is all alone with no one because her family is so messed up. She has to run away because her mom died and her dad is addicted to drugs. She runs into a blonde haired guy named Niall. She has a terrible past that only one person knows about and he's in the band. Will they fall in love or will they be torn apart because of her dark past?


4. Can I take you home?


I told him what I wanted to tell him cuz well he didn't need to pity me or offer me anything he is Niall Horan, the famous one direction singer. I adore his songs. They are amazing. I always sing along to his songs as soon as they come on. I thought he was about to leave and I was so happy because to be honest with you I didn't need another complication in my life. I was free and was going to stay that way. He walked back over to me and said.

"Come on" that's all he had to say to me was come on.

"where?" I really didn't want to speak but he was making in impossible not to. The way his hair flowed in the wind and his blue eyes sparkled in the moon light. I was messmerisd. He was so beautiful and I think I was staring so I looked away for a second.

"To my house." 

"OK" Wait did I just really say ok? Was I stupid? I mean I guess so. My mind had no say in anything anymore. My heart took over.



wow did she really just say yes. I took her hand and led her back to my house which belonged to me and all the boys. The boys were very messy and Liam was the only clean one so our house was a wreck. We kept on walking through the house when I realised we didn't have anywhere for her to sleep. When we got to my room I said:

"Here you sleep here and I will take the floor"

"No don't do that. You can sleep on the bed to. I guess I don't want to be alone."

Did she really just say that. I hoped into bed next to her and cracked a window cuz it was so hot. Once we were in bed it didn't take long for us to slowly fall asleep. 


I woke up and yawned. My hand hit something that felt like skin so I quickly pulled away. I looked to my right to see a beautiful girl laying there next to me in my bed. Not but 2 minutes after I woke up did she. She looked at me and smiled and it didn't look fake. Her eyes were saying I am so thankful to you. I tried my hardest to give her the You Welcome look but I think I just looked constabated. She laughed at me. Her beautiful and sexy laugh that I found addicting. I smiled and wanted to kiss her but I didn't cuz I didn't know if she would find that creepy so  I just smiled. We stared at each other for what seemed like ever. I leaned in and kissed her.

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