Accidental Faith

Rachel is a normal teenage girl, with normal teenage problems, you know, friendship problems being obsessed with boy bands, the usual. But when she takes a wrong turn, where will it bring her? Who will she meet along the way? Will it be everything she had hoped?


9. Chapter 9

Chapter 9
Harry's P.O.V
I sit on my bed waiting for her to get home. Even though I missed her I couldn't stop smiling about the fact that she was mine. I hear the bang of a door and loud sobs. "Rachel!" I hear Eleanor scream. I hear another door bang and the sound of it locking. I run down the stairs and down the hall to see Eleanor banging on the bathroom door. "Rach open the door!" She shouts over and over. I feel tears fall down my cheek. "What's going on?" I ask through my whimpers. "Fans gave her a lot of hate. Same as they were when Louis and I started dating. They told her she wasn't good enough for you and that she is a whore." She said as she started to cry too. I pound on the door. "Rachel please open the door!" I shout. "That's it, I can't take it anymore!" I shout. I go to knock down the door but struggle. I do it again and nothing. Louis comes running down the hall "What the fuck is going on?" He says cuddling Eleanor. "Help me!" I shout. He nods and the two of us ram the door. The door flings open and I nod at El and Lou to go and they leave straight away. I look around for Rachel and she is sobbing naked on the floor of the shower. I open the door of the shower and turn off the water. I slide underneath her and she wraps herself in me still crying. "Babe don't cry." I whisper into her ear. "They told me, they told me I wasn't good enough for you, and and and I-I believe them." She says whimpering. "Rachel look at me in the eyes." She turns to face me. "You are perfect for me. If anything you're out of my league. It doesn't matter what they think or say, it's about what I think and I think you are beautiful in every way." I say stroking her cheek. She smiles. We lean in and kiss passionately. I hit my tongue on her bottom lip asking for entry and straight away she lets me in and I can feel her smile. 

Rachel's P.O.V
I smile when Harry comes back to the bedroom eating a banana. He sits down on the couch and I sit beside him. "Please babe?" Harry asks winking at me.  I give him a death stare. "Harry I'm not sleeping with you" I say giggling. As I say it Harry takes a huge bite out of his banana seductively and he winks at me. I roll my eyes "Harry it's not working." "Can't a man just eat his banana?" He protests. I look at him again. "Fine…not tonight." He says pouting. I smile at him. I sit on his lap facing him and he starts to chuckle darkly. I begin to make out with him. After a few minutes I get up and smile at him "Yep, not tonight." I turn around and get underneath the duvet in our bed.  He jumps off the couch and runs in front of me. "You can't do that to me!" He says. I wink at him and say "What? Can't a girl kiss her boyfriend?" and I chuckle. He chuckles too and he starts to kiss my neck over and over. I moan, I know he has to get his way, cause I want it just as much as him.

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