Accidental Faith

Rachel is a normal teenage girl, with normal teenage problems, you know, friendship problems being obsessed with boy bands, the usual. But when she takes a wrong turn, where will it bring her? Who will she meet along the way? Will it be everything she had hoped?


4. Chapter 4

Rachel's POV
I open the door and when I come out Harry is sitting on the ground. "Ummm Harold?" I say giggling. He stands up and his face goes bright red. "I…uh…fell." He says and I giggle more. "Okay what can I do to cheer you up? We'll make it even" I say smiling at him.  He smiles back and looks to the ground. "Follow me!" He says and he runs upstairs, I follow and we go into a bedroom which I assume is Harry's. It was painted an ocean blue colour and it had a big king sized waterbed in the middle of it. I thought I was in heaven. I sprinted as fast as I could towards the water bed and dived on to it and Harry did the same and we were in fits of laughter for 10 minutes solid I would think! I turned on my side and closed my eyes and when I opened my eyes again Harry was doing the same facing me. "Thank you for everything Harry. I better call my friend though, she'll be worried sick. I gotta find my way home too!" I say. I go to get up and Harry grabs my wrist and stops me. "Wait, it's umm…getting pretty late, maybe you should…umm stay here maybe? You know for uh…safety reasons?" As he says this he blushes again and it is so adorable. "Well maybe you're right, I am all about safety!" I say back at him giggling. "But I can't" I say sadly. He starts to frown. "Why?" He asks. "There isn't an extra bed for me to sleep in." I say and Harry gives me this look that makes us both start to laugh. "We could share?" He says winking. I giggle. "I think I'll take you up on that offer Mr. Styles." I say back mischievously. He grins back and lies back down. 

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