Accidental Faith

Rachel is a normal teenage girl, with normal teenage problems, you know, friendship problems being obsessed with boy bands, the usual. But when she takes a wrong turn, where will it bring her? Who will she meet along the way? Will it be everything she had hoped?


2. Chapter 2

Rachel's P.O.V 
After three hours in this god damn car I finally establish I'm lost. I'm clearly in the middle of no where. I don't know who's more stupid. Me for not asking for directions or Kate for not writing freaking directions. I'm gonna say we're equally stupid. Suddenly the car stops and refuses to start again. You have got to be kidding me. It is lashing rain and every few minutes I can see lightning electrify the sky. I'm too afraid to stay in the car, so I get out of the car, but I don't lock it cause it isn't like someone will steal it, it's a piece of shit! I'd be lucky if somebody stole it! I start walking ahead and after half an hour I still do not recognise any bit of the area I'm in. I hear rattles from the bush behind me. I ignore it because I assume it's the wind. But when I turn again I see the shadow of a tall figure. I run faster then I ever have before and I know I am being followed. I trip and fall into someone's yard and I know now the tall figure will get me for sure, I can barely even move.

Harry's P.O.V 
I panic but the only people around are Louis and Eleanor and they are too busy making out. I run out to the girl who had just collapsed onto the ground of my front yard and as I look up I see someone run the opposite direction. She was unconscious. I know it is a time of panic but I cannot help admire this beautiful girl. Her skin is slightly lighter than Ivory,  with a metallic rose coloured tint to her cheeks. Her faultless brunette hair falls loosely over her shoulders into skinny, slack curls. Her lips are a light pink, so innocent, so beautiful. I hold her in my arms admiring her beauty for 20 minutes until her eyes flutter open slowly. Her eyes are sapphire blue that you are effortlessly mesmerized by, with long skinny eyelashes in the colour midnight that she flicked almost constantly. She batts her eyelids a few times, looks at me and smiles. I smile back. "Are you okay?" I ask. I am weirdly worried about her. "Yeah I think I'm okay, except I think I'm going crazy because you look exactly like Harry Styles from One Direction!" She says and she giggles a little. "Umm I am Harry Styles from One Direction, you kinda fell and got knocked unconscious in my front yard!" I say. I can't stop smiling but I don't know why. "Oh my crap, I am so so so sorry for causing you trouble! I'm a big fan by the way! Wow this is embarrasing cause I pictured this moment to be a lot different! Oh god I am so ashamed of myself!" She says. I burst into a fit of laughing. She is getting so flustered and it is really cute. She starts to get up and leave but I know I have to think of a reason for her to stay. "You know you umm…you could stay if you like, I mean you were unconscious and you should probably just relax for a while, you may as well do it here right?" I say. She giggles "Okay only if you're sure…" "I've never been more sure of anything in my life." She blushes. "I'm Rachel" she says looking down at the ground and smiling. "I'm Harry" I say as I wink and we both laugh again. 

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