Accidental Faith

Rachel is a normal teenage girl, with normal teenage problems, you know, friendship problems being obsessed with boy bands, the usual. But when she takes a wrong turn, where will it bring her? Who will she meet along the way? Will it be everything she had hoped?


12. Chapter 12

Chapter 12
Rachel's P.O.V
He kissed her?! She kissed him?! I start to cry and run away as fast as I can. I hear him run after me. "get away from me!" I scream at him still running. "No! Let me explain!" He shouts back. I run into his bedroom and lock the door before he can enter. "Rachel please! " He shouts. I can't reply. I just keep crying. I begin to pack my stuff. I can't stay here any longer. But first I sent a couple text messages.

To: Kate💜
You, stay away from me, get away and never ever come back. I hate you!

To: Harold❤
Harry, get away. Stop banging on the door and leave me alone and stop pretending you care. We're over. You can go to the Brits with Kate. Goodbye.

To: El✌
Eleanor I'm leaving. I caught Harry and Kate kissing. Can you drive me somewhere, anywhere away from here please? xxxxx

I continue to pack. 3 new messages.

From: Harold❤
No Rach! Let me explain! I love you I have from the moment I met you! I hate Kate I swear she kissed me! Please believe me babe! .xx

From: El✌
Oh my God! Rachel I'm so sorry, of course, we'll stay in a little hotel down the road, come into my room when you're ready to leave xxx

From: Kate💜
No problem there! And hey, thanks for setting me up with Harry. Besides it's not my fault he finds me more attractive than you!

I begin to cry again. I reply to none of the messages. I open the door and Harry is asleep on the ground. My heart tells me to kiss him and forgive him, but I can't. What would my heart know anyway? It's completely broken. I walk into Eleanor's room and she looks up at me. "I'm ready." I say and she nods her head.

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