Accidental Faith

Rachel is a normal teenage girl, with normal teenage problems, you know, friendship problems being obsessed with boy bands, the usual. But when she takes a wrong turn, where will it bring her? Who will she meet along the way? Will it be everything she had hoped?


10. Chapter 10

Chapter 10
Harry's P.O.V 
I wake up with Rachel's head on my chest and I smile. Last night was amazing. Rachel was amazing. I know she is the one. She wakes up and stretches until she realises she is naked and then she quickly get back under the cover. We look at each other and then chuckle. She starts drawing shapes on my chest. "Last night was perfect." She says smiling. "You're perfect" I reply and I kiss her lips.

Rachel's P.O.V
How did I get so lucky? Harry was amazing. He treated me like a princess and he made me feel special. My phone starts to ring and I answer it. "Hey Rach!" Kate screams. "Kate! I've missed you!" I say. She chuckles. "I miss you too" she says. "Wanna come over?" I ask her? "Sure!" I give her directions and she says she'll be here in half an hour. I hang up and get out of bed. Harry pouts. "Where are you going?" He asks sadly. "Sorry babe, Kate's coming over." I say as I blow a kiss to him. "I just wanted to lie here and cuddle you and watch movies." He says with puppy dog eyes. "Tomorrow" I say and I smile and he kissed my forehead. I put on my black skinny jeans,  a black tank top and a blue lace top over it and wear a pair of blue high heels too. I put on my make up and put my hair into a donut bun and suddenly the door bell rings. I answer and Kate gives me a big hug before I say even say hi. "OMG where is One Direction?!" She whispers pretty loudly. "Harry's in our bedroom and the rest of them are in the sitting room. Don't fangirl in front of them just…act natural." I say laughing. "I can't believe you're dating Harry Styles." She says. "Me either…" I reply.

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