Shipping Harlie

Karlie. She's finally been discovered. Now she is one of the "Top 50 Women's Model". She isn't actually that glamorous girl everyone sees her as . And Harry of the worlds famous boy band ," One Direction ", loves the way she's down to earth. But what will happen when their careers clash into their love life? Will there be a ," Harlie ?"


2. The fight that started it

"KARLIE! KARLIE! Aw, c'mon Karls. ", he shouted , grabbing my shoulders. 

I pushed him out of my way, "Shut up. Don't touch me , don't talk to me. Don't even say my name.", I cried. I quickly tried to leave out the back , but he grabbed my shoulders . It hurt. Bad. Not only because he grabbed my shoulders, but because he is trying to talk to me after he just did that . The tears rolled down my cheeks while I try to pull away, but he wouldn't let go . I yelled . Suddenly , Harry? 

"LET HER GO. ", he yelled before Dave finally let go . "Are you okay love? Did he hurt you? ", he said with much concern. 

I pointed to my shoulder , where he  dug his nails into , drawing blood . 

He looked at it closely, gave my his jacket , then turned around and glared at Dave . Harry quickly called security . Dave glared back at me . I started crying and got really nervous. Harry held me in his arms , and whispered ," it's okay karlie. Don't worry . He won't hurt you."


I smiled a bit.  " thanks. harry."

His jaw dropped. " what?" , I asked .

"y-you know my name? wow." 

"You're harry style. Like in the biggest boy band now. ", I said smiling. " I'm gonna go. My grandma is worried." 

Harrys face dropped," can I drop you two off?" , he offered .

"No thanks .okay thanks so much. Here's my number, we should talk sometime. 

" of course . ", he smiled . I left to my grandma. 

" Oh , darling. Are you okay?", she asked . 

"I'm okay Grammy .", I smiled at her . " I love you. "



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