Secrets {Niall Horan}

Some secrets are meant to be kept...


1. Prologue

"Oh, Melanie, you have been such a bad girl." he says, dragging the knife across my face "Did you really think that I wouldn't find you? Did you think you could escape me?"

He pushes the blade down into my skin, finally drawing blood.

The smile on his face as he watched it trickle down my cheek was sickening.

How could one person be so... cruel?

"Did you really think that little pop star could protect you? Could keep me away from you?"

 He steps back, as if contemplating his next move.

I shift on the uncomfortable wooden chair, assuming that he was finally going to end this. That he would finally be done with me after years of torture. Death would be a relief for me. Luke couldn't cause anymore scars. I would finally be free.

And I would be protecting Niall.

Adorable, sweet Niall. The boy  I had fallen madly in love with during the two months I had been in London. As long as Luke has me, he would have no reason to hurt Niall. I'm the only one he wants. And I am willing to die for the ones I care about, if that's what he wishes to do with me. I was ready.

And Niall would forget about me eventually. He would forget the girl he found on a park bench, shivering in the rain. He would forget about my existence. 

And that was the best thing for the both of us.

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