Forbidden Love

Student teacher relationships will never work out. Or will they?


7. Chapter 7

We were talking and singing along to the radio when we got to my house. I looked at him and frowned.

"Whats wrong?" He asked caressing my cheek.

"Well todays friday. So i wont see you the whole weekend."

"Actually we can see eachother. You can come over to my place tomorrow." He said looking out the window.

"What? But what if someone sees us!" I said my eyes wide.

"I live a little bit out of town. Nobodys gonna see us." He said reassuringly.

I nodded and was gonna give him a kiss until he stopped me and discretely pointed at my house. I turned around and in the upstairs window I saw my mom looking down at us. When she saw me looking she quickly ducked out of sight. I laughed and got out of the car.

"Text me tomorrow when you want to be picked up." He said smiling.

"I dont even have your number." I said raising my eyebrows.

"Are you sure about that?" He said before rolling up the window and driving away.

"What does that mean?" I asked myself. I sighed and walked to my front door. The door was unlocked so I just walked in. I saw my mom reading on the couch. "Hey mom." I didnt say anything about seeing her at the window cause I know she will start asking questions that I really dont want to answer.

"Hello sweetie. How was your day?" She said smiling at me.

"It was good tiring, but good. Well i'm going to bed." I said walking up the stairs and into my room. I sat on my bed and took out my phone. What did Louis mean 'thats what you think' I went to my contacts and scrolled down to the L's. I gasped dropping my phone in the process. Realizing what i did i picked up my phone off the floor and looked at my screen. Right under Lance was a name that wasnt there before. Louis. How in the hell did he manage to get his number into my phone? That is a question ill have to ask him tomorrow. Along with many others.

I put my phone to charge and went into the bathroom. I turned on the shower and got in. I am really looking forward to tomorrow.

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